Have you ever have a gigantic salad bowl for a Mee Udang (Prawn Mee)?? Oh well, I have one tonight. And it was a pleasant dinner that hubby and I had; we both were extremely enjoying the environment and the surrounding atmosphere. Not to forget the service was absolutely satisfying!

Opera has opened for business for almost 3 years and it’s well known by the tourists but not the locals. It’s serving Oriental Food, but it’s more of Fusion food to me. It also awarded the Market Source Publishing Best Restaurant in Penang for Fusion Cuisine in year 2007.

This place has become happening since 6 to 7 years ago. Before that, it was a 2-way street where the shops are old and nobody wants to rent. Since government had closed down the road and revamped the stretch of shop houses, this place has become a new tourist spot.

Opposite this row of shop houses, you will have Garage where it has Slippery Sonority discotheque and Momo. This row of shop houses had turned out to be eatery shops too, some are now under renovation.

Anyway, I can’t recall where I read about Opera in Upper Penang Road and I told hubby let’s try out this place. Before we enter, we saw a couple of foreigners occupied the tables. Just like the person told us, this place is well known by the tourist but not the local. First we thought this is a western food restaurant, and we never expect it’s an oriental food.

Both of us were excited about this place, and honestly we scrutinized the menu that they handed to us.

The food that they offer is merely Fusion, for example for a Starter they have Mango Wanton, Pupadum Minty Dip.

They recommended the Oriental Spring Roll (RM16) for our Starter. The presentation was absolutely marvellous and beautiful. Hubby loves the spring roll, but I find it a bit oily. Taste wise, nothing to complain.

While we were waiting for our food, they are kind enough to tell us that upstairs is the washroom, and they also have things for sale too. Things like plates, cutleries, statues, etc.

As for the washroom, I was never expected it was actually upstairs of the restaurant and it’s nicely decorated too. Don’t believe me, check this out then.

When we came down, our drinks are being served. They recommended Coffee Tarik (RM10) if we would like to have a cup of coffee for the dinner. Well, hubby has op for it and he likes it very much. Though is local coffee, but it’s something different claimed from him.

As for our Main Entrée, hubby had Spicy Chicken with Cashew Nuts (RM24).

And I chose the Penang Best Prawn Mee aka Local Mee Udang (RM22).

I was stunned with the food was served and presented, especially for my Mee Udang basically is served in a gigantic bowl. 4 big prawns and 1 hard boiled egg, soup base is very much tomato taste.

And hubby is telling me that the portion that they served is huge. For a big eater like him, he really finds it big.

Total damage is RM83.60 for both of us. I know it’s kind of pricey, I think that’s the price that we gotta pay for the service and the environment.

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Food Treasures

Address & Contact Number
3-E Penang Road
10000 Penang
Tel/Fax: +604-263 2893
Email: opera1pen@yahoo.com

Business Hours
Lunch – 12noon to 3pm (Monday to Saturday)
Dinner – 6pm to 11pm (Nightly)

Set Lunch is served from Monday to Saturday

Note: All food prepared HALAL


Penang Tua Pui said…
hey... nice sharing though, a place where Fei FEi always making noise as we refuse to go with him to this outlet... pocket tak tahan... hee hee
Steven Goh said…
Wao... the food and decoration are execellent and the design makes us think of classic olden day. The only draw back for me is the dollar and cents I will be there only when I get bonus or winning lottery.
Hi PTP & Steven, my pocket gonna soon open up a BIG BIG hole already. :D
Little Inbox said…
Looks like it's a nice place to hang around. :)
Gin said…
Wow, what a cosy environment. The food are very well presented...looks delicious, yummy..yummy. Must try already. Thks for the good recommendation.
SimpleGirl said…
very nice ambience of dining!
Duckie said…
wow i've never heard of this place. like the interior.
worldwindows said…
For RM20+ a bowl of noodles it is on the high side. Almost 3X the usual cafe and 5X the coffeeshop. But it is ok if compensated by ambiance, quality and quantity and attention to details and service.
ck lam said…
Saw this nice place when I was visiting the bazaar yesterday. The row of shop houses had indeed many eateries, with a coffee outlet and a steak house under renovation.
email2me said…
The concept almost similar to The Sire. Just that this is more towards Chinese Culture and that one into colonial.
Eeks! I balk at paying such prices for what is essentially simple, local food. No matter how good the service or how nice the ambience... I'm really tight fisted that way :-P
vkeong said…
hmm.. that's really expensive.. for simple foods like this
Lingzie said…
i didn't even know about this place. the first thing i thought when i saw the Opera title was...opera cake! lol

nice ambience..hopefully the set lunch is more *affordable* :)
J2Kfm said…
kung pou chicken for RM24?! *_*

hehe ...guess one's paying for the ambience as well.
Hi! Went there be4 last year n i really liked the food. I think they have lunch sets which is cheaper, no?
cariso said…
My friend just mentioned about it yesterday and now I saw your posting on Opera! So ngam! I refer your post to her for reference odi. :)
Hi Little Inbox, yes it is.

Hi Gin, thanks for the compliment.

Hi SimpleGirl, oh yes indeed.

Hi Duckie, good place to hang out with friends.

Hi worldwindows, seriously it's kinda pricey. But the service is attentive and satisfying and the food serving is big. I guess that's worth it.

Hi CK, not sure which steakhouse will be occupying the lot.

Hi email2me, oh dear, I've not visited The Sire.... :(

Hi vKeong, aren't we the blogger supposed to explore more?? :)

Hi Lingzie, I honestly dont know the set lunch. Will have to find out more. :)

Hi J2Kfm, bingo!!

Hi thenomadGourmand, have not try on the set lunch, so dont know about the price too.

Hi Cariso, so when are you going then?? Remember to share ya??