Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spice Market Café, Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

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When you know you got to take a bunch of gluttons for food, would you be worried these gluttons will not well behave and just rush to the food counter and whack whatever it has?

Few weeks ago, our department had a year end team building. And this time, we had it in the most expensive buffet dinner in Penang Island. Think I don’t need to elaborate more on this place – Spice Market Café @ Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa.

Per person is RM132++ (exclusive of 10% Service Tax and 5% Government Tax), if you have Citibank credit card, you’re entitle for 20% discount. Friday and Saturday will have more variety to choose from the buffet spread. You’ll have raw oysters, slipper lobsters, floral crabs, muscles, gigantic prawns and so on. The Spice Market Café is also famous for its sumptuous food and its open kitchen concept. Diners have the opportunity to see how the chefs prepare the food.

The buffet will start at 6.30pm, but the gluttons are all lined up at 6.10pm. Cuz, everyone was eyeing on the food and everyone was so hungry after the beach activities that had played earlier on.

Need not to say more about these spreads and these are the pictures that tell it all.
The favourite section of all is the ‘grill section’ where people line up to pick their favourite seafood, ie. Lobster, clay fish, prawns, scallops, and cook on the spot. Only 2 sauces that we can choose on, that’s soya mince bean and the other is black pepper. Black pepper sauce is the most favourable one. You wouldn’t be surprised to see how many pieces that they had ordered. Some even have 10 lobsters or 20 scallops.

Another favourite section is the ‘cold cuts section’ where they have lined up all types of seafood like slipper lobsters, raw oysters, crabs, muscles, fresh yabbies and prawns. They are all cooked and placed nicely on top of the ice ‘mountain’. That’s also another favourite for many people.

Apart from the 2 sections, I personally like the sushi bar, where they have assorted sushi and sashimi, sashimi like salmon, tuna, octopus, etc.

The noodle & soup section is also alluring; you have all types of noodle and where you can choose from, from Chinese noodles to English pastas. Soup choices spread from shark fin soup, double boil herbal soup and even seafood chowder.

Not to forget my favourite desserts, spread from cheese cakes, chocolate fondue, Nyonya kuih, ice creams, crêpe, ice kacang, etc.

Apart from all above, I was impressed that they have also cater for other food like chicken tikka masala, murgh malai, tandoori chicken, BBQ prawns, chicken satay, lamb satay, BBQ fish, etc at the corner.

Surprise to see they also offer gratin in the buffet spread too. And it’s sumptuous like oyster gratin.

For the salad section, they have all types of greens and sauces; and some cold meats too. They also have a platter filled with various types of cheese.

Of course, steam white rice, fried rice will not miss out from the buffet spread, with other dishes like stir fry vegetables, squids, prawns, beef and many other dishes.

Ok, guess enough of food for now… pictures below are some nice decoration at the main entrance of The Spice Market Café.


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Address & Contact Number
Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa
Batu Feringghi Beach
11100 Penang
Tel: +604-888 8888
Fax: +604-881 1800

Biz Hour:
Opening from 7am to Midnight
Buffet Breakfast: 7am to 10.30am
Buffet Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm


ck lam said...

Most of the dishes looks similar...didn't change much from my last visit.

At that time, they even have a three piece band going around serenading to the diners.

Little Inbox said...

I only managed to take minority of the food. Stomach not enough space la...

Steven Goh said...

Wah... lobster hill. For the lobster lover sure this is heaven. RM132 per person a bit high for normal person. I will need to save 4 months to go there LOL

Allie said...

I luv the desserts thr, lots of varities. Yummy...

gill gill said...

Waaaahhh....lots of variety! Eye can see but not enough space to fill! although i am big size but my stomach sure will surrender! Cis, can't take much nowadays...Cham!

buzzingbee said...

How nice to not pay but eat like there's no tomorrow..Haha
*drool* everything looks so tempting! How to have a taste of all without bloating?? :P

550ml jar of faith said...

Looks awesome! But I can't fathom forking out so much for such a huge spread, half of which that I know I won't be able to even get to! Still, if company paying.. why not? :-P

cariso said...

Last time when I heard it was RM110++? Now increase odi?

squall said...

wow...lot thing to eat...
but can't eat much sometimes...

Gin said...

Wow...the presentation looks great, lots of choice, and nice food. Hmmm...a must try already. Thks for the great posting.

ling239 said...

so much seafood!! ^O^

vkeong said...

Chocolate fountain is very rare in Penang's buffet. One of the reasons to eat in Rasa Sayang

Foong said...

Been there twice and frankly, don't think the food is worth the price they charge.
Not that great and yes when I went, they too had a three piece band going around.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi CK, ya, I was told they used to have a 3 piece band going around.

Hi little inbox, when you come to this place, try to expand it. :)

Hi Steven, they have been over priced this buffet. Anyway, this is paid for, why not just eat and enjoy?

Hi Allie, yes yes yes, me too!

Hi gill gill, ai ya... at that moment, your stomach can expand, no worries!! :)

Hi Buzzingbee & 550ml jar of faith, ya lor!! You're right!

Hi Cariso, yes, increased quite some time lor....

Hi squall, eat, rest and eat again mah!!

Hi gin, no problem!

Hi ling239, you like seafood?

Hi vKeong, Traders used to have it. Since they are downsizing, I believe they have remove the fondue in their buffet already.

Hi Foong, yes, they are over price!! No doubt about it! But what to do??

allenooi said...

i tried once, my friend treat me. that time, i didn't take so many photos like u, a bit regretted. anyway, the buffet was fantastic. so many choices and all the food looks so yummy!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahahah wish I was in Penang!

mysimplefood said...

Wow! What a spread! But buffet is not for me anymore, my stomach can't take in all even though my mouth wants to. Hey question - do you inform the hotel that you will be taking photos at the restaurant? or thye will just allow you to take. Been wondering since I have not taken any pics ay buffet spreads.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi allenooi, hehehe, learn from the mistake... next time, just shoot whatever you can! :)

Hi BBO, yes yes yes... December, right?

Hi MySimpleFood, nope, in fact there are many guests taking photo down there. :)