Friday, November 7, 2008

Star View Restaurant, New World Park

Last year, we had a good birthday dinner in Sesame in G Hotel. This year, we thought of something simple and decided to try on Star View which had moved from Burmah Road to New World Park some time early October.

Before the decision, I got to know from What2See’s post that Star View will be shifting and with the help from Lingzie whom provided the contact and also had done a review, we decided to give it a try.

Perhaps I was over expecting some delicious turnout from Star View, ended up I was a bit disappointed.

Anyway, Star View is famous for their fish steamboat and other dishes too. During wedding peak month, this place is always full. Some got to make arrangement a year ago.

For a start, we had this Four Season, which comprises of

1. Spring Roll skin that wraps with duck egg yolk, fish paste and chives.

2. Fish balls with crab meat sauce & egg.

3. Black pepper stripe pork meat.

4. Butter prawns with curry leafs.

5. Chinese version of potatoes salad

2nd dish that came along was Almond Crispy Chicken. This is the disappointing one, as we thought the chicken meat will be intact unfortunately it was removed and what beneath the skin is fish paste.

3rd dish is my favourite, vegetables. A simple stir fry vegetables.

4th dish is Birthday Noodle. They called it 海鮮煎生麵. It was a bit soggy for my liking.

5th dish is Steam Fish. The fish was nice and fresh. And this is the best among the 5 dishes that they have recommended in fact. But I was wondering why not the Birthday Noodle come last instead of second. Right?

Anyway, overall the taste still the same, probably that night they have a wedding reception on the other hall thus the standard was slightly affected. Or probably short handed on the kitchen side, that causes such situation.

Other Review
Lingzie (New World Park)
What2See (Burmah Road)
vKeong (Prai Branch)
Hojiak (Burmah Road)

Address & Contact Number
Starview Restaurant
102-B-1 - 102-B-4 New World Park
No.102 Burmah Road
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-226 6544, 226, 5213, 227 4507

Business Hour
11.30am – 2.30pm
6.00pm – 10.00pm
Open daily


Little Inbox said...

Hey, I have the same question too. The noodle dish suppose to be served as the last, not huh?

Christy said...

Hmmm....I know about that noodle dish, coz they did the same thing during my daddy's birthday 2 years ago (different restaurant). They explained that is the norm wor...

Btw, if I want to dine in Starview, I must make reservations? What if I wanna try a normal ala carte meal?:)

550ml jar of faith said...

I am determined to go back, despite hearing that the quality is not really on par with the early days! I want the 8-course meal, the chicken, the four seasons, the works!

ck lam said...

You are fast lor...I have yet to visit their new outlet to try out the food. Nice of you to share your review with us.

Do you find the old place better or this new one?

Allie said...

The almond crispy chicken looks good, but too bad it turned out the other way round...

vkeong said...

wah.. i am hungry already!! didn't eat breakfast and now I am looking at this..

Food Paradise said...

wow.... the four season looks great. We went there few weeks ago during lunch time, it's fully booked. lol
Btw is that your birthday celebration? If so, Happy Birthday!!! :P

mimid3vils said...

I didn't see any fish ball~~?

Penang Tua Pui said...

just went there for farewell with Fei Fei who is traveling to US soon........

Not a bad one....

Duckie said...

love the food there. hope it is still as good!!!

squall said...

hungry now~~

email2me said...

Go to this kind of restaurant for a review, must go with a whole big group of food bloggers. Show them our "Guns" [Digital Camera la ... what are you thinking ....] and they will be like making the dish look nicer and cook in more proper way.

J2Kfm said...

haha, somehow email2me's words ring true. nothing intimidates a restaurant more than a bunch of foodies (or reporters/reviewers), with their artilleries.

allenooi said...

omg.... the fish eyes was popping out!!!

never tried in this restaurant, no matter when it was in burma road or now in new world park. maybe will try in future.

Big Boys Oven said...

hehehhehehe chinese course dinner can be drooling!

mysimplefood said...

Wow! It looks like a lovely dinner. I am feeling hungry oredi!! And it is 9am in the morning. A long way before dinner :) I am new to blogging, do link me. I am linking your blog.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Little Inbox, ya lor... actually I dont understand why?

Hi Christy, whether ala carte or what, it's advisable to make a booking. It's lots of people leh!

Hi 550ml jar of faith, do let us know if you're coming back!

Hi CK Lam, no la, Lingzie faster than me! hahaha

Hi Allie, true in a way, but where are the meat then??

Hi vKeong, hahaha paiseh paiseh!

Hi Food Paradise, sorry, nope, it ain't my b'day.

Hi mimid3vils, all hide under the egg white if you're referring to the 4 Seasons.

Hi PPT, so, when are you sharing??

Hi duckie, well, no complain except the noodle which is too sogging to me.

Hi squall, o dear... come come come... eat now?! hahaha

Hi email2me, not a bad idea too!! So, inform the chairman la!

Hi j2kfm, yup!!

Hi allenooi, hey, do give it a try la!!

Hi BBO, but I have not come across that anyone down here have KL food presentation lor.

Hi mysimplefood, hi there, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often!! And, thanks for the link too!

Foong said...

I know they used to be quite famous for really good food but I've not been there for years!
The trick to doing reviews is not to have high expectations so that we won't be sorely disappointed when the food is below par.