Monday, November 24, 2008

Strada Restaurant & Patisserie

If you’re a CitiGold Member, you will get to enjoy a 50% discount for ordering Strada’s appetizer & their Rib Eye Steak. I didn’t know the promotion till we paid the bill.

Last night we were looking for food for dinner and I was totally out of mind what to have and hubby took a slow drive around town. When he drove pass Pulau Tikus, he saw Strada, then he asked what that is. I was like, ‘huh? What is what??’ Ended up, he has to drive pass to see what Strada is all about by turning back.

Strada is a new restaurant that serves various western food and dessert. This place was opened 4 months ago and it’s also Wi-Fi provided. The landmark of this place is directly opposite of Tan Mark Bookstore where the 7-Eleven and Penang Dental Surgery where about.

When we entered the place, I feel comfortable as its atmosphere is quiet and cozy. Especially the music that’s so soothing.

They have a corner where they placed all kinds of magazines while the guests are waiting for their food. All kinds of desserts are displayed in the displayed fridge for their customers to choose.

We took some time to decide what to order for our food in fact, however, the person in charge was kind enough to show us what they have. They have Set Dinner like any other restaurant which comprises of Appetizer, Soup of the Day or Salad, Main Entrée, Dessert and Coffee or Tea. Main Entrée offers chicken, fish and pasta if am not mistaken. On top of that, they also have Executive Dinner set which is slightly on the high price.

Hubby always goes for Set Dinner and he chose the Moroccan Grilled Lemon Chicken as his Main Entrée and Mushroom Soup instead of Salads.

It took about 20 minutes long to serve the appetizer which is Calamari served with tartar sauce. Diminutive in serving, but that’s what its called appetizer.

Came 2nd is the Mushroom Soup and a tiny little bread was served.

Then came the Main Entrée, the Moroccan Grilled Lemon Chicken. The meat was tender and it grilled to the perfect level. What come with the Main Entrée are mixed salad, baked tomato and a mashed potato.

After the Main Entrée was the Crème Caramel Dessert was being served and followed by a cup of coffee.

I didn’t have the set as it’s too filling for me, but I’ve Almond Crusted Sole Vill Fillet served with special yogurt béchamel instead. I didn’t quite like the fish, as it was fishy smell that I find it a bit difficult to eat. Not sure was it isn’t too fresh, but the person in charge did apologize for that.

Actually I wanted to find out from them are they part of the Strada Italian Cuisine that based in London or it’s merely taking the name only. Anyway, I’ll come back again for their dessert and its quietness. A nice place to get online instead of going to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, one good reason would be the quietness that I enjoyed very much.

Total damage is about RM67.10, I know we shouldn’t spend such money especially the market is extremely soft. However, if I don’t blog about, wonder what have I got to post then? [grin]

Address & Contact Number
238 Burmah Road
10350 Georgetown
Tel: +604-229 0882
Mobile: +6016-553 0138

Business Hour:
Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm to 10pm
Close on Monday

Strada Restaurant & Patisserie also provide catering service.


Duckie said...

food looks good. is it good?

Allie said...

What a pity the fish they serve contain fishy smell. Did you feedback to them?

ck lam said...

I have many times hesitate to visit this place as I see there are only a few customers inside whenever I pass by. Thanks for sharing the info :)

550ml jar of faith said...

Fishy smell in Italian food is akin to disaster cuisine no?! How was the soup? The litmus test for me is always in the soup... :-P

Little Inbox said...

Fish must be fresh, otherwise no matter how good the ccoking skill is, the fish will still taste lousy.

xin said...

now i am really really hungry looking at yr pics

Steven Goh said...

wao... this is somewhere new, more over so many things only cost RM67 damages. Must try out, thanks for sharing.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah i know..the soft market..but if you look around..they r still plenty of ppl spending..ironic isnt?

PenangTuaPui said...

hmmm.. same goes here.. a lot of time we got doubts if we want to step in to the restaurant with enough $$$$$..

but as food blogger we will sacrifice for anything just for our readers......

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Duckie, ok la! Not the fish lor.

Hi Allie, yes we did.

Hi CK, yup. Only few customers...

Hi 550ml jar of faith, the soup? Well, it's not as good as the Seed Cafe that I tried in KL lor.

Hi Little Inbox, ya lor.

Hi xin, thanks for dropping by. hungry how ah??

Hi Steven, no problem.

Hi Joe, ya, I wonder... hahahaha...

Hi PTP, bingo!!

orange said...

Nice article, Woo... this is everyplace new, supplementary greater than so loads of things only price tag compensation. Ought to try out, thanks for allocation. Thanks for map detail.