Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Apartment Cafe & Restaurant

I know I’ve been talking about my recently KL trip and have not been posting anything from Penang, and I promise this is the last post of that trip, the indulgence trip or exclusive trip that I recently had….

Anyway, this is worse lunch that we both have ever had for our stay in KL.
Hubby said he’s not going there anymore again!!

Both of us thought of dropping by The Curve before we left for home, so, I told hubby let’s try out The Apartment, as I’ve seen many KL Bloggers blogging about it, and am sure must be a good one or a recommended one.

Probably I have too much of expectation, it turns out to be my biggest disappointment for this trip.

The biggest disappointment is the coffee which was served. Look at it, it’s a cup without a tea spoon, and saucer, especially for an outlet like that in The Curve.

Disappointment 2, serving time took us for nearly 45 minutes to serve, and further more, not many tables were in the outlet. And mind you, the 45 minutes was only served us the coffee without our lunch!

Disappointment 3, the food that they served was a mistake.

We didn’t know especially we’re from another state, thus, was hoping this the lunch that we ordered. When they served, we were like looking at each other, is this our lunch, and what described in the menu is exactly the same as what were served, minus off the potato chips. Though we should check it out ourselves, but then with that moment, we do not have the confident in them anymore.

We just ate whatever was served whether it’s right or wrong.

The entire trip was so exclusive and indulgence and it was spoilt by this lunch that we had, say no more for this!!!

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Contact & Address Number
The Apartment
G72-74 and 152
Ground Floor and First Floor
Western Courtyard
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603–7727 8330

The Apartment Downtown
Lot 139, 1st Floor
Suria KLCC
(Facing the Park & the Fountain)
Tel: +603-2166 2257

Business Hour:
11.00am to 10pm


Duckie said...

looks disappointing. i've always wanted to try but never really dad. guess it was a good decision not to try.

babe_kl said...

a lot of ppl blog about the place doesnt mean it can be good hahaha must learn to read the lines :p

J2Kfm said...

yeah... most complained bout the food quality though.

seems nobody has any good exp with The Apartment, both the Curve n KLCC outlets.

Little Inbox said...

What a bad experience. If I were you, I may cancel my order and leave for other food hunting. 45 minutes of precious time just wasting like that. Hmm!!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Duckie, pls do go... the service and the food was lousy.

Hi Babe_KL, I thought it's ok mah.. mana tahu... blek!

Hi J2Kfm, then I wonder how do they open another outlet in KLCC with such lousy food and service??

Hi Little Inbox, I never thought of leaving it and cancelled my order, perhaps people had done it half way. But we both did voice out why take such a long time to serve a cup of coffee. They only gave me a silly smile, which I my anger nearly burst out on their face. Never ever go there!!! Some more, the food is pricey and lousy!

cariso said...

Got smoke coming out from your head or not?! :)

genuiness said...

You see thats the thing. If this was in England one of two things would have happened:

a) you make a huge fuss and they bring you something complementary

b) you just get up and walk without paying for what you was delivered.

Seriously though if I had to wait 45 mins I would hve just gotten up and walk.

Bits of Life 'n' Taste said...

First time here, you really have good food reviews... thanks for the info...

Food For Tots said...

So u really have an enjoyable & yummilicious food adventure in KL, yeah? The food served in this place looked really not impressive at all. Dun think I will go too.

worldwindows said...

Looks like a no-no for me as I get to go around here a bit.

CRIZ LAI said...

Come over and I'll make you something that's even better presented than that. No matter how great a person's photography skill is, that plate is surely very errr.. no comments. :P

Uncle Lee said...

I guess 45 minutes was too much. I would have walked out in 15 minutes, not a minute more.
Oh well, once awhile we get these experiences....ha ha.
You keep well, best regards, Lee.

ai wei said...

errr... sounds terrible on the services they provided. haihz... me kl ppl still hav not put a foot into the apartment.

heard quite a lot of bad feedabacks on this restaurant. think i gonna avoid avoid this place longer.

cheer up! k?


jason said...

Apartment is a disaster I think. The only thing I like there are the desserts (also served plain-ly) but at least they're edible.

Alexandra said...

My first and only experience at the apartment was not that great! I didn't even bother to blog about it cuz it was such a waste of time...I'm glad someone has pointed that out tho :) Just came across your blog btw and am enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the general manager of the apartment curve...I would like to apologise for what have happened...and I would like to buy you and your friend a meal and a personalise service by me. If there is anyway you can contact me or me contacting you please do let me me at 017 215 6282. Once again heartiest apologies.

Anonymous said...

So many ppl have given negative reviews that I thought I'd share mine. I've had a reasonable experience the couple of times I went there and the ambience is great especially @ the KLCC outlet which looks like a really swanky bachelor pad. They have some nice cocktails n tapas.... but shame about the food and service though which could do with quite a bit of improvement...If they get that right, it would be a pretty amazing restaurant.

Anonymous said...

My 2nd experience and it was almost as bad as the first.Overpriced for mediocre food. Service was pretty bad too (when my friend asked for some recommendations on the menu) and most of the staff were either clueless or looked disinterested.Good concept but that's not going to bring in the crowds if the food and service is poor.

Apple Foodees said...

Hahaha! What a disgrace to other fantastic dining place around the area. Expensive food doesn't guarantee quality.

Happy New Year 2010 to you.