Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Best Koay Teow Th'ng in Chai Leng Park - Heng Kee 興記

Where’s the busiest street in Butterworth apart from Jalan Raja Uda, where people call that Apolo. I can’t think of anywhere but Wai Sik Kai in Chai Leng Park. This is the busiest street so far that I know.

In fact, how many knows about this street’s history?? I guess not many. In the 70’s this Wai Sik Kai wasn’t exist, and their original place is actually in front of the 1st row of shop houses in Chai Leng Park, where Penang Tua Pui blogged about the Yong Heng Char Hor Fun.

Some how those stalls were asked to move to this place after 8 to 9 years of operation. And that’s how Wai Sik Kai in Chai Leng Park was named.

So, what’s the best down on the street there?? In fact, there are many… but I always find this is the best stall among all. Know this uncle & aunty for a long time, and they have been selling Koay Teow Th’ng for almost 30 over years, so you can imagine are they the best in this street.

My mom particularly like this stall of Koay Teow Th’ng, she doesn’t know why, but if you take her to Wai Sik Kai, she only likes to go back to this stall.

Apart from just koay teow, yellow noodle and rice vermicelli, they have other extra add on like deep fried giant wanton and bean curd skin. Why I call it giant wanton, … indeed a giant size. [LOL]

You can also add on chicken and bean sprouts too as a side dish.

A bowl of this Koay Teow Th’ng, you can see the stall owner is not stingy about the food and charging it expensively, in fact, it’s worth the value. If am not mistaken a bowl of this koay teow th’ng without the giant wanton, but only bean curd skin is about RM4.00.

The stall is opening slightly late, they only starts to operate from 7.30pm or 8pm till midnight. The first few stall from the street entrance, and it’s easy to recognize too, a white hair uncle and wife managing the stall – Heng Kee.


J2Kfm said...

one of the most reliable comfort food for us back then, esp before the finals!!! :)
hahhaa ... its diff from Ipoh's, as Ipoh use prawn oil to render the soup sweeter.

Food Paradise said...

wow..... should go and try the KTT. Very delicious ah......

Cynthia said...

Always a visual treat.

Jason Wong said...

We tried that stall quite sometime ago. The Koay Teow is smooth, but the soup and chicken is only average to us.

Anonymous said...

It is interested very much.
Please link to this site.

Little Inbox said...

OIC, this is the one. But deep fried wanton soak in soup wo...weird le cuz not crispy anymore.

BTW, I noticed it's been months that you've not updated your "Happy Meter" le.

Tummythoz said...

Good ones are hard to come by in the Klang Valley. *sigh*

Food For Tots said...

Everything looks so delicious esp the KTT. No wonder this place is called Wai Sik Kai.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! You finally found the answer to my mystery!! I always wonder whether this stall still exist in Chai Leng Park after over a decade I last tried them.

When I stay in Prai during early 1990's, this is the stall I have my late dinner after I completed my part time lecturer in Intec college. I have a lot of memory with this wonderful Koay Teow especially the steam chicken and fish ball!!!

Thank again....!!! I will pay them a visit if possible before Chinese New Year when I am back to Penang.


vkeong said...

you just gave me a stall to try when i go back to Penang, haha


New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi J2Kfm, yup… Ipoh is different. In fact, in one of my archive post had posted about a flat noodle soup in Ipoh style.

Hi Food Paradise, remember to share.

Hi Cynthia, well, can give it a try and cook yourself.

Hi Jason, really??? Probably it suits my mom’s taste, we have been visiting this stall for quite some time.

Hi Misa, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Little Inbox, probably that’s something special to others?? Oh about the Happy Meter?? Didn’t really bother to update it, after all, everyday I’ve been hearing bad news.

Hi Tummythoz, really?? I’ve never explore up to that area.

Hi Food for Tots, there are lots of food stalls down on the street.

Hi LT Tai, when you first asked me the question, I was roughly thinking this might be the stall. BTW, you’re the part time lecturer in Intec??? Unbelievable.

Hi vKeong, hahaha… no problem, remember to share!!