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I have never try foie gras (鵝肝) (Pronounce it: fwah-grah) in my life, and as far as I know it’s an expensive dish. And it is also one of the world luxury’s food, apart from Caviar (魚子醬) & Truffle (松露).

But, that night on Dec 24, Christmas Eve, hubby and I have the opportunity to taste it and we both fell in love immediately with it. It was so soft, it’s like a butter melting in your mouth. One word to describe it – Gorgeous!

The day was started this way…

I have not heard about this, neither do I have dine in here before. In fact, discover this place on my last food hunt trip in Oct. I know I know, I have yet to post anything thus far, but am more excited about this trip instead. Well, just one reason, and the reason is simple, cuz, I was moved by Mama Mia. [grin]

Anyway, on the eve itself, hubby and I were wandering in the mall and we both wanted to have some quality time to spend on these 3 days 2 nights stay.

We walked around to see what to have for our dinner tonight… and knowing KL’s life style is better to make a reservation soon, otherwise, we both will have room service again.

I actually wanted to try Kampachi, tough I’ve tried many times in Penang, but this is something in KL that I’ve not try. Before I could suggest to hubby, I passed by The C Club, a place where I’ve read it some where, can’t recall whose blog and I was amazed with the food presentation and the services that they rendered to their customers.

Without 2nd thought hubby said let’s try this instead. So, we both walked up front and made the reservation.

Reservation made for 8pm, we were there 20mins early. The waitress brought us to our table and I believe that’s the supervisor whom came to us and checked with us how are us doing and so on. No wonder many bloggers commented that the service is in fact superb.

We both quite like the arrangement, and the table setting though they arranged for us to sit near the entrance.

The guy that came to us not long ago, he came again to check on us whether would we like to have a glass of wine or champagne. Since I can’t take any alcoholic I gave it a pass, hubby in fact have a glass of white wine.

So, the guy opened up the 2 bottles of mineral water that had put on the table. This is the only thing that I never like about them for not letting the customer know. Guess how much per bottle of this?? RM11 per bottle!!! Damn expensive mineral water that I ever drink before in my whole life. Mind you, this ain’t Evian mineral water, just The C Club brand name mineral water.

Ok, back to the food… before they served the soup, I was looking at the menu which placed on each table. And I realized there are 2 main entrée for each pax, and I thought it must be for us to select. But then, if I remember carefully, that’s the entire dinner arranged.

Well, didn’t care much, we were just enjoyed every moment that we have down here.

First, we were served Venus clam chowder with Victorian black mussel, cod brandade & torn tarragon.

Hot from the oven bread to either dip with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or butter.

Second that came along is the starter… and the starter is seriously gorgeous, and yummy!! Spiced duck rilletes topped with foie gras, frisee & port shallot reduction. What can I ask for more?? All the luxury food down on my plate for me on Christmas Eve!!

There are 2 main courses for the guests that night, first being served was Fruits & nuts stuffed chicken roulade, served with Brussels sprouts, carrots & giblets.

I didn’t really like it, but hubby enjoyed it very much. Probably I don’t like the fruits and nuts that accomplished with the chicken though it came along very well.

2nd main course is Pan seared Pompano tumbled on Yukon gold potatoes, asparagus, haricot verts & served with kalamata olive tapenade & basil oil. Don’t ask me what are those, seriously those are jargons to me. My eyes are on the food instead. [grin]

After the heavy main courses, here comes the dessert. Dessert is Rum raisin moist chocolate cake perched on assorted berries caramel, topped with semi freeze baileys cheese mousse.

The sugar is sharp and we’re told to be careful.

Every course to us is so fine and nicely presented. Just like the Mama Mia cast member says ‘Simply Gorgeous’!!

Per Pax: RM160++

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SimpleGirl said…
Wow, really an indulgence of great food! I've tried the foie gras a.k.a goose liver at 32 in Penang, it was good also...
ooo..I never ate Er Gan before that nice?? I always saw it in the HongKong movie or drama but never saw it in reality. =p

Do you mind if we do a link exchange ya? :)
Allie said…
What a great dinner you had! I agree with you that the foie gras just melt right in your mouth.
But it's rather damaging huh..
ck lam said…
I like the dessert...especially so when it has Bailey in it.
Little Inbox said…
Wow! Both of you spend RM320++ for the dinner?!
whoa glad that u had a memorable xmas dinner although it comes with a hefty price tag hehe..i love foie gras too but it can get too sinful sometimes..
Oooh, what decadence! You guys truly go the extra mile in pampering yourselves... well-deserved of course! I'm not a fan of wait staff assuming I'm cool with paying for house bottled water either... if it ain't San Pellegrino, I'd rather go with tap or wine thank you!!
J2Kfm said…
hmm, that's a rather steep price to pay for Xmas dinner? :)

but nothing compares to luxurious pampering every now and then.
you should've tried Sage instead, judging from the rave reviews from all quarters.
vkeong said…
wow seems like you are really enjoying yourself in KL. I nearly dined here as well 2 weeks ago (even reserved the table lol) But in the end we ate at Celadon - Thai Cuisine instead
worldwindows said…
Very nice evening out with relaxing ambiance and service. Food look fabulous.
Hi Simple Girl, I didn't know 32 Mansion in Penang has foie gras. Will have to check it out. But it's kinda sin to eat it, hor?

Hi M'sia Food Cuisine Blog, thanks for dropping by. Yes, it's nice!! Very very very nice!! As for the exchange, why not?? Let's exchange then!

Hi Allie, when you eat, you dont feel guilty, when I drafted this post, I was very guilty! hahahaha...

Hi CK, oh yes!!! That was good!

Hi Little Inbox, correction not RM320++, RM320 on top of their C Club mineral water RM11 per bottle, that comes up to RM342++.

Hi KampungboyCitygal, thanks for dropping by, good to see you guys here. We really indulge ourselves at that time, with Mama Mia, then luxury Christmas Eve dinner.... woala!!!

Hi 550ml jar of faith, well, we didn't expect that expensive. RM11 per bottle!!!!

Hi J2Kfm, well, at times we gotta pamper ourselves right??? Then after gotta really work hard about it!! :D

Hi vKeong, well, we ought to learn how to enjoy ourselves la!!! Especially down in KL... if in overseas will even more enjoy!!

Hi Worldwindow, ya ya ya... in fact, it's true that the food is fabulous!!
allenooi said…
i also never tried them leh... only see in the movie!!!
not cheap..but thats fine dining for u..

n abt that water..its quite standard practice..knowing that u guys can afford when u go in..the trick is order a drink..later ask for a water..(they might bring tap water (which is FOC)..
Hi Allen, my 1st experience also.

Hi Joe, ai ya, should have ask you la!! BTW, I don't really called this Fine Dining. Well, since am thinking which label should I label this post, so might as well label it as Fine Dining. :)
Hi, great to see that! so, I have added you in my food blogroll list. I have done my part and it's ur turn hehe~

I think I should find out the restaurant and give it a try..I never ate Er Gan before..=.=" Should try how it's taste. =)
cariso said…
Foie gras - I tried once in Singapore and never forget that ever since! :P
Uncle Lee said…
Hi New Kid, wow! The food looks absolutely delicious.
And really nice to read of your loving date with hubby. Wayyyyy to go.
Here's wishing you both a happy new year and best regards, Lee.
Jason said…
Happy New Year! In case you don't know, C Club is under the same management of The Carat Club (a luxury jewelry boutique in Bangsar).

Foie gras' texture indeed was divine but I chose not to eat them. :)
Hi M'sia Food Cuisine Blog, done from my end too.

Hi Cariso, nice to eat hor??

Hi Uncle Lee, good to see you here. Oh ya,... nice and romantic date with him. :) Happy new you to you and your family too!!!

Hi Jason, Really?? I never know that. Thanks for sharing.
ai wei said…
a luxury and expansive dinner~
wmw said…
Happy New Year! Great meal to celebrate over. Hope to catch you when you're here one day.
mimid3vils said…
I never try foir gras b4 too, don't know how to pronounce it as well, hehe ^.^
pigpigscorner said…
The Spiced duck rilletes topped with foie gras, frisee & port shallot reduction looks amazing!
Anonymous said…
Just a correction to one of the comments I read earlier: Most foie gras you get today is duck liver (about 90%) with only a small proportion goose. Only the TOP restaurants in the world (and when I say top i mean like 3 Michelin stars) may serve goose foie gras.

Btw a very good post. RM160++ for fine dining is actually not bad for KL standards. Had the degustation/tasting menu at 3rd Floor once, and bill for 4 + wine came up to about RM2500
Julian Si said…
Nice write-up, glad you had a nice time in Pavilion! Cheers, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thanks for mentioning my blog in your write-up...

ps - Disclaimer! Julian of Carat Club ... ain't humble me :-)
Simon Seow said…
LOL. Joyce is now a Blur Fairy instead of Blue Fairy.