CNY Cookies: Green Pea Nuts Cookies

My sister has been wanting to make Green Peanut cookies by herself, she likes this cookies so much so that she can wacked everything on her own.

With her anticipation of making this, I direct Lilian’s recipe to her.

The entire work was started from 4pm and ended at 9pm plus. The most tedious part or rather difficult part is the removing the nut’s skin. Like what Lilian said, mostly colouring are on the skin itself. And my sis really follows what Lilian did, she bought those kacang putih instead of pre-make ingredients.

Anyway, once the skins are removed, we grinded it as fine as possible.

Start weighing all the ingredients and lump everything into the mixing bowl. Once blend well, we added the measured corn oil into the dry ingredients.

Then mix again. Lilian also said in her blog that it has to be knead well, if it gets crumble easily, add some more oil.

Then after, we roll the dough into tiny balls. The sizes of the balls are difference from one after another, well, after all it’s a non-sale items, isn’t it?

Oh ya, remember to preheat the oven at 170°C for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then bake those tiny balls for that temperature and bake for that duration.

And ta-da… here’s the finished products!!! Drool??

For full recipes, please visit Malaysia Best.


Unknown said…
Greenpeas cookies, I have never tried b4, interesting!! Happy Chinese New Year!
Duckie said…
i want!!! gong xi fa cai!!!
Food Paradise said…
wow....this remind me that I have not done any baking for this cny yet. lol I think will bake some cakes tomorrow. lol Thanks for sharing!
worldwindows said…
I get these from my Penang sis-in-law once a while. It's very good. Just love its distinctive flavours and taste. Too much of peanut or cashew. Drive safe, happy lunar new year.
Anonymous said…
This cookie is new to me too...nice to find it in your blog.
Gong Xi Fa Cai to you & your family!
Tummythoz said…
A friend just gave me some and v argued whether the bright green is colouring or not. ;P
Lingzie said…
ive actually never tried these green pea cookies before!! shame on me!
i'm still loyal to my ever favourite pineapple tart and almond cookies! hehe

happy chinese new year!!
New Kid On The Blog would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a prosperous new year!! Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!!

Hi Simple Girl, but I thought this is pretty common and it's been in the market for 2 years already.

Hi Duckie, make one then! :)

Hi Food Paradise, remember to share, ya?

Hi worldwindows, so, do you like that?

Hi CK, really???

Hi Tummythoz, now you know already lor?!

Hi Lingzie, give it a try la!!! I was like you, very loyal to my favourite cookies too.... but after baking it, I seems to accept it now. :)
Anonymous said…
i did the same thing too and followed Lilian's recipe and got myself a big jar of the nice cookies. Will post about it soon when i get over my cny 'lazy-bug' :P

Yours looks great!! :)

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