Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ichyo Ramen Restaurant

I know I left a comment on Food Diary of Picky Eater before on Ichyo Ramen Restaurant in i-Avenue for saying that I would like to try out one of these days.

Well, since today is my 1st day of work after the long break, I had a very disappointed and angry experience.

Guess how long have I waited and what kind of treatment have I got?

All in, I’ve waited 1 hour for 2 bowl of ramen, and on top of that, we have asked the waitress how long should we wait for the ramen. None of them get back to us, they were all saying let us find out from the kitchen. Till the last moment, we find it really ridiculous to wait further, we asked the owner. The man with dark blue long sleeve shirt came to our table, we asked again, how long should we wait for the 2 bowl of ramen. And the man with his arrogant attitude answered us, ‘Oh, if you can’t wait, then can’t wait, lor!’

My goodness, what kind of service is that, especially in this industry and especially at this point in time. Market is so bad now and people are tightening their belt for not spending unnecessary, and yet this people simply throw the last refuge of modest and chaste relations for not reasoning a customer disatisfaction when in fact their service is at questionable doubt. Come are in a service industry, what else but to provide customer satisfaction, no question ask.

What a lunch on 4th day of CNY!


Little Inbox said...

So, did both of you wait?
For me, there's no way for me to wait such long. Time is so precious to everybody. If I were to wait that long, how can I have a good mood to enjoy a bowl of ramen?

mimid3vils said...

Happy Niu Year!!!

cariso said...

I've been to Ichyo Ramen many times but I've never encountered cases like this before. Hmm...There used to be one gentleman in coat attire that seated us, very smily face and polite. He was not around?

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Little Inbox, no I didn't wait, we just walked off without paying anything. I told myself, I am not going there anymore.

Hi mimid3vils, happy new year to you and your family too!

Hi Cariso, the man is there, he wasn't wearing any coat, but a long sleeves shirt. Ain't polite at all, look like a hooligan to me, ain't prof at all!!! Shame on them who is in this industry!