Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Living Room Tea Break

Know what… Before I prepared for the Christmas Eve dinner, hubby and I were searching for a place for a Wi-Fi service. And guess what, we found The Living Room in Westin KL.
I’d just loved this place… so convenient, so good, so nice… unfortunately, not many have the customer courtesy like Mandarin Oriental.
Anyway, just a short sharing on a tea break that we had down here.
Hub have chrysanthemum tea for himself.
Where I have a cup of brew coffee, well, nothing to shout about, and normally I do need some caffeine to boost up my mind.
Hubby ordered something extra, spring roll. I’ll not encourage anyone to try this cuz, it was extremely oily. Perhaps they were rushing of time as they were all busy decorating the place for Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner.


worldwindows said...

Nice place to chill out and let the body and mind have some rest. Any nice coffee/tea shop will do.

Duckie said...

oh it didn't sound that good .. perhaps any other place would be better?!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah i can see the oil stains on the plate liao..

Steven Goh said...

haha, still in the living room of westin KL? when will see ur blog back in Penang again?

Dragon said...
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allenooi said...

yak... so oily... can see from the stain on the plate.