Thursday, January 1, 2009

Silk Road 丝绸之路

~~~ Happy New Year ~~~

Let me start the new year post with Silk Road.... Silk Road is a Singapore franchise eatery business, and was established in year 2001.

"It is a full-service restaurant concept featuring selective cuisines that stretch along the historical Silk Road in China namely the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Liaoning and Beijing."

Hubby and I have been wandering in KL Pavilion for hours and also looking for some Chinese New Year clothes too… but when comes to eating time, I guess we are like any other shoppers, wondering what to eat.

Anyway, after we had done our last minute Christmas shopping in Parkson, hubby and I were looking into a restaurant where it enters from Parkson departmental stall. Since we both were still full, and we didn’t want to have anything too heavy before we proceed our Christmas Eve dinner for tonight, we both decided to give it a try.

We were served by a young lady and she explained to us that Silk Road is actually serves Sichuan Cuisine (四川菜), and most of their food are spicy and also oily. But after I surfed thru net, it actually serves combination of Beijing, Shaanxi, Liaoning and Sichuan food, which is correlate to the Silk Road Trade where we studied from history.

Anyway, let’s cut the crap, she introduced a couple of food to us, as we told her that we didn’t want anything heavy and something simple will do. Thus, we didn’t have anything fancy but something really ordinary like Sichuan Soup (四川酸辣湯), she said that would be appetizing for us, since both of us didn’t want anything filling.

Well, I’ve tried Sichuan Soup in Golden Phoenix in Equatorial Penang. And the taste compare to Silk Road, I guess I prefer the one in Golden Phoenix which I find that more authentic. As for the one from Silk Road, hubby and I find that they have put too much of pepper.

Oh ya, how could I forget this. Before our food were served, the lady also introduced us to have a cup of Eight Treasure Tea (八寶茶) that comprises of walnut, Chinese wolfberries, red dates, dried longan, Chinese tea leafs and other 2 treasures which I can’t recall what’s that.

An open pickle was served, bean curd and peanuts with five spices powder marinated. We both find it something unique.

Back to food, other than the soup, we have a plate of Sichuan Meat Dumpling in Chilli Oil (四川鐘水餃). Hubby likes it, but I find the dumpling skin is too thick. If they could make it thinner probably it isn’t that bad. Well, nothing to complain, after all, we want something simple.

When we were about to pay the bill, the girl came to us and wondering do we want some dessert. Hubby was saying since we’re already here, might as well try out.

To end this spectacular lunch I have a Double Boiled Ginseng Hashima (人參雪蛤), guess I don’t need to further explain what’s good for having this especially for elderly woman like me. By the way, can anyone tell me is it called Hashima or Hasma?

Hubby has something that they recommended, Sweet Glutinous Rice Ball (雨花石湯圓) which wrapped black sesame into it. Something simple and it’s one of Silk Road’s best selling dessert.

Silk Road is something unique for a try when you’re running out of idea what to have for meal.

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Shell Food Station

Address & Contact Number
Lot 6.38.00, Pavilion Shopping Centre
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2141 1717
Fax: +603-2141 6928

Operation Hours:
Open Daily: 11.00am to 10.00pm


Sweet Jasmine said...

Happy New Year to u and family. This place looks so classy so must be expensive too. Looks more like fine dining than chinese servings.

Btw I call it Hasima for the jellylike dessert.

Little Inbox said...

Pal, Happy New Year to you and hubby!
I wish both of us will have a better 2009. I guess you have the same thought with me too, right?

550ml jar of faith said...

Ooh, nice and light indeed! I can't stand dumpling with thick skin either. Hope you're enjoying a great start to 2009!

cariso said...

The 人參雪蛤 & 雨花石湯圓 look tooooo tempting. Btw, i guess it must be kinda expensive right for dine in there?

Selba said...

Happy New Year :)

vkeong said...

I struggle too when I am in Pavilion, lol. But mainly is because of the prices lah, not choices. Happy New Year ya! Have a good year ahead :)

SimpleGirl said...

The dessert really looks good...Happy New Year to you & family!

buzzingbee said...

Happy New Year to you!! :D

squall said...

the dessert look so tempting...

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Sweet Jasmine, good to have you back!! Happy new year to you and your family too. Yes, it is expensive down there.

Hi Little Inbox, Happy New Year to you too!! Ya ya ya.. you're right!

Hi 550ml jar of faith, yup... find it too hard to bite on it if the skin is too thick.

Hi Cariso, ya lor... expensive.

Hi Selba, vKeong, Simple Girl and BuzzingBee, Happy new year to you!!!

Hi Squall, in fact the 雨花石湯圓 is nicer than mine.

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Runescape Autominer said...

it looks so tasty :O Im feeling hungry now...