Reunion Dinner @ Vistana Hotel

Though times are bad, but you will see lots of people eating out instead of having reunion at home. I hope that’s the sign of helping the economy, however, from these years you could see many Chinese restaurants are actually opening up for biz on New Year’s Eve. As far as I know, restaurants like Forum Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Island Plaza is opening, East Hakkaido Seafood Restaurant that located in Jalan Bagan Jermal is opening too. Those years, only hotels’ Chinese restaurant will cater for such needs, but now, you could see times are bad, people are even opening up for such occasion.

My in law are old to cater for a major reunion for the family, thus these years, the sons decided to eat out instead of having the hassle at home. This year, we have arranged it in Vistana Hotel located in Bukit Jambul.

When we were told to dine in Vistana, first thought was has Vistana Hotel has any Chinese restaurant?? Never thought they could arrange it in a ballroom with all tables setup nicely.

Anyway, when comes to Chinese New Year package, nothing could missed out the Chinese Yee Sang. This is always the first dish. Sorry didn’t manage to take any picture as was busy eating. [LOL]

Followed by the sequence below….

Braised Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat & Shredded Chicken Meat

Deep Fried Chicken with Kerabu in Thai Style

Steamed Golden Promfret with King Soya Sauce

Two Variety of Mushrooms and Bean Curd Skin in Forever Green

Pan-Fried White Prawns with Home Made Sauce

Authentic Fried Rice in “Kwang Thong” Style

Chilled Dried Longan with Lotus Seed, Lily Bulb & White Fungus

I was told the entire package was costs about RM239++, the food is nothing to shout about, more of get together for the reunion.

Oh yes, in between the session there was this Lion Dance and singing performance.


Little Inbox said…
Hmm...dine out is much more convenient. I'm the one who cook reunion dinner le...sweating. Luckily it turned out fine. Phew...
Steven Goh said…
I had tried a few times on the food at Vistana Hotel, mostly I love the Braised Shark Fin. I find that the way they prepare this dish is a bit outstanding compare to other. The taste of soup with fresh crab meat and also the tick chicken stock base is very delicious.
Cynthia said…
That fried rice and shrimp would go down really well.
Big Boys Oven said…
wow dining while having lion dance . . .awesome!
minchow said…
True that it saves the hassle of cooking and washing up, leaving more time to catch up with family but in the past, we've found that eating out during this season guarantees subpar quality, so we've gone back to making simpler meals at home!
J2Kfm said…
yeah, sometimes its the thought that matters.
at the halfway mark now, another week to go.
Duckie said…
the mushroom and prwans look good ler!!
worldwindows said…
Its the reunion that matters! Not easy to get good food as quality is compromised somewhat to accommodate the bookings.
Food For Tots said…
I was also surprised to see lots of people dine out during our reunion dinner. Maybe everyone needs a break on the New Year eve.
cariso said…
Nowadays ppl all lazy to cook lah. :)
Anonymous said…
The fact about people still dining out despite the bad economy is so true. Hmmm....

Taking food pictures in front of your in laws? Heheh...
Huey said…
i also tell my mom to dine out next year so she wont so busy and tired. btw, nice food huh.:)
Hi Little Inbox, hey, are you going to share your reunion posts?? I can't wait to see.

Hi Steven, honestly the shark fin soup was lousy, was too starchy for us.

Hi Cynthia, not too bad. But a bit dry honestly.

Hi BBO, for Chinese culture that's awesome... but a bit noisy. :)

Hi 550ml jar of faith, it's always have pros and cons.

Hi J2Kfm, well, final day today!

Hi duckie, not too bad la!

Hi worldwindows, yup... you're right.

Hi Food4Tots, honestly, have no idea. Some people are just avoiding the hassles in the kitchen. Depends what people look at it.

Hi Cariso, also right la!

Hi Jason, total 3 tables, for reunion... thank goodness, I wasn't taking it in front of them. Hahahahaha....

Hi Huey, Thanks for dropping by. But remember to make reservation a month ahead ya?!

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