Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Chamber Restaurant @ The Sun

Not many people is eating out nowadays as it is noticeable in some F&B outlet. We were dining out as mum had some important errand to do, so no cooking for that day. The historical Sun Yat Sun reminds me of the new place that we had yet to patronize and from there we make up our mind to dine there. Surprisingly, the car park was almost emptied. We asked the parking attendance where is the dining place and he shown us the Spring Chamber.

Well, nothing much of a change despite the building once used as a tuition centre in the eighties, the GE Institution if am not wrong held night classes for student who needed assistance to pursue subjects that they are weak at before its tuition centre were slowly out of business with some notably good ones like the KK Tan tuition centre behind the formerly Rex theater. The building had since been rented for other business trade until a year ago the Spring Chamber took up for F&B. Heard that there is another Café opening coming Tuesday just right in front of the Court yard. Those who need a sip of the Mocha cafe may patronize this new outlet next week.

On one look, the décor of the internal remains as of the original built, with only some basic curtain hung on the windows and the centre of the Spring Chamber. We were seated and shown the menus, then hubby asked for the restroom. One need to walk to the court yard, then turn right to proceed through a small alley right to the end, I felt it is a little secluded at the far end and a distance from the dining hall. You’ll notice upon entering the toilet a flat wide flower pots altered to used as a wash basin, whereas the vase flower pots modified to used as a urinary bowl, never thought the idea can be fully utilized as described by hubby.

Price on the menu is on the high side as we thought the food must be tasted good. I ordered the curried pumpkin soup with potato ravioli. The pumpkin taste a little different, I think they added too much cream.

While my hubby ordered the fresh wild mushroom soup with garlic bread.

As for the main meal, I ordered the grill cod fish with their special sauce the lemon grass with tumeric cream sauce.

And my hubby ordered the grill boneless chicken with garlic brown sauce. The boneless chicken not too bad except hubby found the sauce a little weird. Since the waiter asked whether the food is alright, hubby requested black pepper sauce half way through the meal. Black pepper sauce is the ultimate sauce for grill chicken in the end. The damage for the night was RM94.50 was not worth the price we paid for as we can get a better taste in 32 Mansion.

Again, we didn’t order any special drinks except for the plain warm water on the house. They need to do something now before everyone who patronizes this Spring Chamber will give bad comments.

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Address & Contact Number
Spring Chamber Restaurant @ The Sun
Sun Yat San Memorial Centrel Penang
65 Macalister Road
10400 Penang
Tel: +604-226 5181


550ml jar of faith said...

So not worth it! I know they underwent a bit of a revamp to expand their menu from before but from the looks of it (shelf bought sliced bread wth soup??), it's not that much of an improvement after all!

ck lam said...

Wow..looks like the ala carte prices are slightly on the higher end as compared to the set meal that I had.

foodbin said...

does the lemongrass and turmeric sauce taste good with the cod

Food Paradise said...

hmm..... may be I should wait till they have promotion to try on their food. lol

Little Inbox said...

The serving is quite small with the price you paid. Quite damage lor.

SimpleGirl said...

When the economy is slowing down, really not easy to survive ya! Food in this place is really quite pricey, how many can afford ?!!

Duckie said...

goodness!!! so expensive!!! not worth at all!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi 550ml jar of faith, I know not worth at all. After the meal, both hubby and me were so disappointed and upset.

Hi CK, those that you had no longer in the menu. Think they have changed that.

Hi Foodbin, thanks for dropping by. NOPE! Not at all.

Hi Food Paradise, or another word, don't go unless another blogger recommend.

Hi Little Inbox, yes!! Extremely damaging!! :(

Hi Simple Girl, we only go out for food once in awhile. Still have lots of photos in my drafts. :)

Hi Duckie, 32 Mansion is worth the money.

vkeong said...

I didn't even know there's a restaurant here!

mimid3vils said...

only the portion of the soup is big (the deep bowl :P), the mains were small portion though~~

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi vKeong, neither do I know until I read CK's blog.

Hi mimid3vils, big eater finds it small, small eater finds it big. It was big for me... :)

cariso said...

I thought of going but now....hehe, after reading yours, I need to think twice. Better keep my money for 32 huh! :)

jason said...

Nice interior, creative toilet too. And it seems like it's more towards fine dining concept, hence the price?

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Cariso, I would strongly recommend 32 Mansion.

Hi Jason, we have checked with the person in charge over there, he said this is only semi fine, thus, it doesn't worth that price.

Buddy Who said...

Hii... just went there for lunch, i found the pricing very reasonable giving the cozy environment they provide.
I went there after looking at your blogs comment, so i just thinking to myself why not give it a try since the comments are 50/50 :)
To me its good besides i found out that the price for lunch and dinner are very different, i think thats where the different opinions popped up!!
Personally i know one of the owner of 32 mansion. I would suggest a comparison between the lunch in 32 mansion and the lunch in @thesun, instead the dinner of @thesun and the lunch of 32 mansion.
Some lengthy words hope you don't mind =D

adem said...

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