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We have been blogging about hawker delight, Korean food, Japanese food, Western food, but how many of us blog about Local Authentic Malaysian Food??

Well, it’s not difficult to find now. In fact, recently we were invited for a food review session which organized by Criz to Ivy’s Kitchen which is few doors away from Jemputree & Isaribi Japanese Restaurant.

Food is serving is reasonable and the price is affordable too, especially each of everyone is under going this economy downturn, this is the place for you and me.

Let me share with you what does Ivy’s Kitchen offer.

Combo Set Meal
A – Chicken Rendang RM9.00
B – Beef Rendang RM8.50
C – Nasi Lemak RM7.50
D – Fried Fish Meal RM9.00 (choice of cintan noodles, bee hoon, tanghoon and porridge)
E – Curry Prawns RM9.00
F – Curry Lemak Fish RM9.00
G – Curry Assam Fish RM9.00

**All set meals will include fresh fruit juice and a jelly.
Add on desserts are as follow –
Rojak +RM2.00 (normal RM3.00)
Red Bean Soup +RM1.00 (normal RM1.60)

The combo sets range from RM7.50 to 9.00 is affordable and mostly cook by Ivy, that’s how the name came about.

We were served with all the combo sets which I had mentioned.

1st we were served the typical Malaysian all time favourite, the Nasi Lemak (Combo C). What I would like to really shout about this is the rice is fragrant and it’s real creamy as in ‘lemak’. Nasi lemak that is come with half hard boiled egg, some anchovies, cucumber, fish crackers, sambal, deep fried fish and chicken wing. Don’t find this tempting? I personally do!

2nd is the beef rendang (Combo B), what serves with this is plain rice, but of course you can op for nasi lemak too, come with it are papadum, pineapple and cucumber pickles, half hard boiled egg and some anchovies. Since I don’t take beef, but I know many had given good comment about it.

Chicken Rendang (Combo A). Very strong spices and the chicken meat is tender and juicy too.

Fried Fish Porridge & Bee Hoon (Combo D). First was served the porridge, taste wise was slightly bland, but it was nice to me, as such food is good for people like me that wants to on diet. (LOL) Then after follow by the bee hoon. It’s also the same type of food, but you can op for porridge or noodle.

Combo E, F, G is the set where it comes with the steam rice, half hard boiled egg, papadum, anchovies, pineapple pickles. And op for either assam fish, curry lemak fish or prawns.

All sets mentioned are nice, but am sure ladies will op for the assam fish.

Ivy’s Kitchen also has variety choice of beverages to offer, down from fresh orange, cucumber + mint, pineapple, watermelon, plum sour, carrot, etc.

Apart from all the set meals, they also have other snacks to offer. Snacks like lobak, popiah (spring roll), penang assam laksa, deep fried stuffed fish aka cincaru, ju hu char, deep fried chicken and many other more.

Guess what that end the review? Of course the dessert!!!

Everyday the base would be the red bean soup, and what combine into the soup is either dried lily bulb, white fungus, or dried longan.

Before I end this wonderful review, let me share something with you… with the creation of Food Point of Interest, here’s the fusion style of Ju Hu Char. Isn’t it creative?

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Address & Contact Number
Ivy’s Kitchen
58 Jalan Chow Thye
10250 Penang
Tel: +6013-433 7878 (Mr Tan)
+6016-433 7130 (Ms Ivy)

Notes:Business Hours: 8am - 9pm (except Saturday) & 6pm - 9pm (Saturday)

GPS Coordinates : N05 2529.0 E100 1914.6


worldwindows said…
I spied the stuffed cincaru and wok-fried kembong. Resistance is futile.
Unknown said…
read the post from CK earlier...really love to try this place with the home cooked local food...esp the laksa n nasi lemak look superb!
Can't resist to see the nice shot of stuffed cincaru and Rendang chicken...I will try out very soon..lol
allie said…
I like your shot on the fruit juice drink!
Unknown said…
Ah.... I can guess that is Ken hand. ^-^
Christina Kim said…
Yeay, finally your review!
I liked your shot on the colorful juices:)
J2Kfm said…
your photography skills improved lots. the power of DSLR? :)
ck lam said…
We could go back for a revisit...the nasi lemak is good.
foodbin said…
your post is just as good as CKLam-nice place to dine.
Duckie said…
love the food there!!!
Food For Tots said…
Who had sampled Ken's creation? Will definitely pay a visit to this place in my next Pg trip. Btw, how's ur mom now? Hope she has recovered.
Sweet Jasmine said…
All the food looks authentic and cheap too. My kind of homecook food.
sakaigirl said…
Uuu, looks better than old town's version! I bet it taste better too!
Big Boys Oven said…
wow another food get together, :)
Steven Goh said…
I was one of the reviewer too, how come I am not in your list. Btw, I can see that there are some additional improvement that had been done by Ivy on the dishes, especially the red bean soup.
cariso said…
I am glad to see Ivy has improved their dishes.
buzzingbee said…
oh you reminded me of the nasi lemak and dessert!! hehe
wmw said…
Food looks good and your pics are lovely too!
email2me said…
The jiu hu char is fantastic!
Anonymous said…
looking delicious! =D
Hong CN said…
hmm... will give this place a try. The nasi lemak looks very tempting :-) Fruit drinks look good :-)

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