Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chinoz In The Park


During my last visit in KL, I was sharing with you that without a reservation in any places in Suria KLCC is honestly a big headache for us. Actually Chinoz in the Park was my first choice when I hop into, unfortunately in and out of the restaurant is full of people. I could see people enjoying the environment that’s surrounding the restaurant.

That moment, I asked myself, how could is this place? I knew it wasn’t a right time to hop in without reservation, and true enough they didn’t have any place for us, yet, we gotta wait for about 20 to 30 minutes. And that’s hell lots of time for a hungry person like us.

But today, the 2nd day of the exhibition… we walked back there again. I truly thank god for giving such an opportunity to dine here. Well, I managed to grab a place for lunch and also beautiful scenery too. A table that facing out the park and you could see people bringing their family lingering around in the park, taking photographs and so on.

Seriously we both do not know what’s best down here… but with the pleasant environment that we are dining in, we told ourselves, let’s indulge it.

Well, how much would you indulge yourself when you do not know what to have. Right?


Anyway, I was on noodle or rather spaghetti mood that afternoon, thus I asked for Olio Aglio Pasta which they named it Spaghetti Prima. In fact, the vegetarian version was not mentioned in their menu. But with special request, they could make per order.


Baked Chicken Breast, baked to perfect. It’s crispy outside and the meat is tender and juicy.


Before our meal was served, some bread with butter was served.

DSC_0355a DSC_0354a

Though this is my 1st visit, from here, I could see many of their customers love the wine that they have in house. Wine chiller which is built-in in the restaurant that could obviously been seen. A counter or rather bar where the chef is preparing for their customers’ orders, for example like sushi salad, and so on.

DSC_0358a DSC_0357a

I believe I’ll come back again. A place that’s pleasant and you could enjoy the quality food down here and with a beautiful environment.

Address & Contact Number
Chinoz in the Park
G47, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Tel: +603-2166 8277


SimpleGirl said...

seems U really enjoy the food and dining experience! pricey?

ck lam said...

Another nice outlet for me to visit on my trips...thanks for sharing.

tigerfish said...

Chicken breast looks so moist and juicy...

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Simple Girl, yup, I do. Pricey? Eerrr... I guess it's reasonable for the KL folks.

Hi CK, it's my pleasure. ;P

Hi Tigerfish, oh yes, no doubt!!!

allie said...

The chicken breast look so yummy lo :)

ai wei said...

i love this place. love the ambience and the helpful waiters :)

cariso said...

The aglio looks oily ..or is it the shaking? In actual it's?

Regina Travel said...

Foods look nice. Will try it out. Thanks for sharing.

mimid3vils said...

dine here once, love the ambiance~~

email2me said...

Shame on me .... being in KL so long also never step my foot in yet