Monday, November 2, 2009

Kim Tavern

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Franchise business and fast food is every where in town, but to find something good and value for money, that’s something hard to come by.

I know many consumers will give such remarks,… but we have this right here in Butterworth in Sunway Carnival Mall. A place where you could find good food as in economical and delicious, as well as value for money too. Why would I say that? Cuz, many of us here are only an employee, money is getting hard to earn nowadays. Therefore looking for value for money food is not easy to come by as I said earlier.

Thanks to Taufulo & CK, who arranged this review for us, and with this now we know where to get such ‘value for money’ food in town. Yes, Kim Tavern is in Sunway Carnival Mall. And it is just located opposite 600CC at the Lower Ground.

Seriously, food range is a lot for people to choose, price range from RM15-90 the most expensive one to RM6-90 the cheapest. And mind you, RM15-90 is Black Pepper Steak, so where can you find such cheap steak for a meal? Right?

Variety of drinks, from fruit juices down to ice blended smoothies. All types of drinks that make you lost your mind in choosing your favourite. Do not believe me?

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 027a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 024a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 042a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 062a

You’ll be shocked to see the drinks that we have, Fresh Carrot-Orange (RM3.-50), Honey Lime Ice (RM3-80), Mango Smoothies (RM5-50), Wheatgrass Smoothies (RM5-50), Peppermint Mocha (RM7-80), Blueberry Chocolate (RM7-80), Hazelnut Latte (RM7-80), Almond Latte (RM7-80), and Tiramisu (RM7-80).

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 060a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 057a

Food Food Food Food – let’s start with entrée first. What’s offering in Kim Tavern –
Honey Pepper Roast Chicken Drumlet (RM6-90)Mushroom Soup (RM5-50)Egg Ham Sandwich (RM4-90)Deep Fried Marinate Chicken Wings (RM6-90), and many other more…..

Main Course could choose from

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 010a

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese (RM6-90),

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 054a

Mushroom Chicken Chop with Garlic Butter Rice (RM9-90)

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 032a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 034a

and Cheesy Chicken Lasagna (RM9-90).

Southeast Asia Favourite are –

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 017a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 019a

Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken (RM7-90), the rice is absolutely full of coconut milk fragrant.

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 021a

Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken (RM7-90), chicken rendang is appetizing, if you love rendang dishes.

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 037a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 041a

Udang Sambal Rice (RM7-90), something for spicy lovers. Prawns are fresh, sambal is good!

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 070a

Dry Curry Stir Fried Chicken Rice (RM6-90), Chinese called this Kam Heong.

Japanese – Asian Style Bento

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 050a

Sweet & Spicy Fish Bento (RM8-50), marinate dory fish and deep fried with marinated batter that makes the fish crispy the outside, juicy the inside.

Japanese Big Bowl Rice

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 065a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 063a

Unagi Fried Egg Rice (RM12-90), though this is not really an appetizing dish, but it’s absolutely tasty and it sold out on its first day of business. Thus, you could imagine how good is this bowl of rice. Yummy Yummy!!

Soup Noodle

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 044a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 040a

Tomyam Seafood Noodle (RM9-90), home made blend ingredients. Indeed tasty, full of aroma, spicy, sour, it’s just too tempting not to have this bowl of tomyam.

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 028a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 031a

Ipoh Chicken Slice Noodle (RM6-90).

Fried Rice / Fried Noodle

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 048a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 047a

Capsicum Prawn Fried Rice (RM7-90), the prawns are fresh, accommodate well with their home made sambal belachan.

2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 066a 2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 069a

Tomyam Seafood Fried Noodle (RM8-50), home made tomyam paste, finger licking good!


2009_11_01 Kim Tavern 072a

Seafood Mushroom Porridge (RM7-90), simple, flavorsome, it’s nice to have a bowl of hot porridge to warm your belly.

With these food which am sharing… isn’t it value for money?!

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Address & Contact Number
Kim Tavern
LG 04, Sunway Carnival Mall
Jalan Todak
13700 Seberang Jaya
Tel: +604-399 9879
+6012-428 8066 (Mr Andy Liew)

Business Hour:
11.30am to 9.30pm (daily)


GPS: 5.398695, 100.397875


J2Kfm said...

one similarity i noticed was the abundance of clean, fresh and succulent looking prawns in almost all of the Asian dishes.

SimpleGirl said...

the rice series look great, just that the pepper chicken like a bit burnt? ya?

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow... you are fast. I'm still drafting and editing on top of unpacking my stuff in the new office. :P

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow..... agree with Criz, you are super fast. lol Nice to catch up with you!

ck lam said...

It was nice of everyone joining in the outing in such a short notice :)

allie said...

The food looks good leh. Too bad I can't make it that day :)

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yummy.... too bad for me to miss out the fun again. I am going to sneak in there and see if it really that good even without invited review. muhahaha

Little Inbox said...

Nice Review!

buzzingbee said...

looks very reasonably priced. And alot of variety too!!

Lingzie said...

aiyo looking at this post really make me swallow my saliva la!! lol
really miss the tomyam soup noodles, the sambal prawn rice, the unagi rice and the bbq chicken drummets!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow i was tyold thw food here is good, very affordable and well recommended! :)

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ya..very fast in posting. i guess will post mine next week..hehe

we sure did enjoy ourself on the foodo~

cariso said...

I envy those ppl who work at Prai now. :(

Little Inbox said...

Hop over to check the menu. ;)

mandy said...

very nice food at kim tavern.