Saturday, November 7, 2009

MonRods Kitchen

2009_10_31 Monrods 002a

When I was first introduced to Malay Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar, I was honestly very skeptical about it. Cuz to me anything without lard and garlic, I doubt it’s delicious, tasty or fragrant.

Well this really proofs me wrong, and I am apologizing to have such judgment on this.

Cuz, you know why? Because their Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar honestly is really really good! I’ll give a big thumb up on it.

2009_10_31 Monrods 023a

I brought hubby there today, and I told him it’s a must to try on their Nasi Ayam (aka Chicken Rice). Especially their chili sauce which is made of turmeric sauce, belachan (shrimp paste), shallots, and tomatoes the goes very well with the chicken.

I was told they are pretty famous in Kedah state, and this is the 1st branch in Penang, and was told another branch in Komtar is coming up too.

What’s their signature? All types of Nasi Ayam! Nasi Ayam Dot Mai, Nasi Ayam Madu (Honey Chicken), Nasi Ayam Panggang (BBQ Chicken), and Nasi Ayam Kampung.

But what’s the best among these four, Dot Mai is the best. In fact, Nasi Ayam Kampung was not available when I dined in, I wonder why.

2009_10_31 Monrods 018a 2009_10_31 Monrods 010a

Here’s the photo of Nasi Ayam Panggang and of course, not to miss….

2009_10_31 Monrods 016a 2009_10_31 Monrods 013a

Nasi Ayam Dot Mai!

Apart from these chickens rice, they also serve Western Food, Noodles and other light snacks.

Western food like Chicken Chop, Black Pepper Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips. Snacks vary from Monrod Cucur Ikan Bilis, Monrod Cucuk Kodok, French Fries, Fish Nuggets, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Sausages.

All items are value for money, and with the current economy and also Penangites’ preference, this isn’t a bad place to consider.

2009_10_31 Monrods 003a 2009_10_31 Monrods 005a 2009_10_31 Monrods 006a 2009_10_31 Monrods 008a

Deco is sort of contemprary, and urban feel.

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Address & Contact Number
1-67 D’Piazza Mall
Persiaran Mahsuri
Bayan Baru
11920 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-630 7136
Fax: +604-630 7133


Food For Tots said...

Wow! Such a high rating from you. I need to plan for a visit soon. ;)

Little Inbox said...

Since it is not too far from my place, I'll go and try it out soon!

cariso said...

Is the waiting time OK now?

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

allie said...

I always have this as my lunch at Kulim. Wonder if it's the same one.

Art and Appetite said...

Oh my goodness. I'm drooling over here. Ah, please take me there.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is so awesome, those photos were so well captured, made the food taste even better! :)

jason said...

The Dot Mai version looks very interesting, what do they use on the chicken?

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Food For Tots, eh, no bad, wor!! Plan for a visit la!

Hi Little Inbox, have you try it?

Hi Cariso, it's been ok wor...

Hi Hapi, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Allie, is that so??!!

Hi Art & Appetite, :)

Hi BBO, thank you!!

Hi Jason, eh... dunno leh.... :)

D-One said...

nyum nyum...