Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant 新琼安饭店

2009_11_07 SinAunKheng 013a

This place is definitely new to me, despite I heard so much about it.

It was a pleasant evening that hubby wanted to take his parent for a simple meal and also brought them here where they could find their fond memories.

This place has been operated for a long time, even many generations of customers have patronized them without fail.

2009_11_07 SinAunKheng 004a

Mr Ong is friendly and courtesy too… he was the one that recommended these dishes to us. He said for old folks, it’s not advisable to take Vegetable Soup which they have, but Sea Weed Soup with minced pork and fish ball would be the better choice.

2009_11_07 SinAunKheng 009a

Since hubby doesn’t take Pork Liver, he made this to Lean Pork Meat for us. This is Dark Soya Sauce with 5 Spices Powder Meat with Sour Pickles. I find it a bit sweet but it’s definitely delicious to have it with steam rice.

2009_11_07 SinAunKheng 002a

Curry Tumis Fish. I could see almost every table have this. I bet it’s one of the best. True enough, it is indeed.

2009_11_07 SinAunKheng 006a

Bean Curd with Leek is another signature dish that they have. Mr Ong recommended this as this is one of the easy food for old people.

Total bill plus drinks was only RM49.

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Address & Contact Number
No. 2, Chulia Lane
10200 Penang
Tel: +604-261 4786

Business Hours:
10am to 2.30pm
5pm to 8pm

Closed on alternate Monday.


Little Inbox said...

Have yet to visit this place. :(

Tummythoz said...

The pig liver dish was not recommended? Quite a fear factor item for non-innards lover who is so NOT me. Hehehe.

cariso said...

Curry tumis fish is its signature dish. Kui siao a bit one :)

allie said...

i vote for the curry tummy fish! looks good!

J2Kfm said...

classic. in Penang one can find this type of colonial restaurants everywhere.

mimid3vils said...

The dark soy sauce pork very dark in colour, too much of soy sauce is used?

My Taste Heaven said...

been to this place, the food to me is not that fantastic and the place is rather hot~~

Jason Wong said...

The pricing is a bit pricey for us. May be the premium is for their perceive popularity and the dishes that they can offer.

erinalaw said...

10 years ago, their food was really great. They really served good authentic Hainanese dish. Now, not that good anymore. The old cook no more liau. Still remember last during the courting time when my hubby family took me there. Food was fantastic that time.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Little Inbox, do find time to visit...

Hi Tummythoz, they recommended, as hubby don't eat at all, so, we changed that to pork meat.

Hi Cariso, is it?

Hi Allie, we all like that too.

Hi J2Kfm, well that goes to Malacca too, right?

Hi mimid3vils, I dunno... well, that's their signature, I was told.

Hi My Taste Heaven, hot?? Not quite... but honestly the food is a bit bland for me. But old people likes it.

Hi Jason, pricey???

Hi Erina, wow, 10 years ago??? Hmmm, ... I didn't know about it.

Alza Club said...

nice blog...thanks for sharing