Sunday, November 22, 2009

日昇香港燒鴨飯 Yat Seng Roast Duck Rice

2009_11_21 Carnavon Street Duck Rice 002a 2009_11_21 Carnavon Street Duck Rice 001a

I was told this is one of the best Duck Rice in town… and in fact, those that work or stay around the area also reckon the Duck Rice here is the best.

You’ll see people lining up to make their order and people waiting patiently for their order too. From there, you can conclude this is the best!

Each Roast Duck costs about RM36 to RM38, other orders like Char Siew (BBQ Pork 叉燒), Roasted Pork (燒肉), is vary from RM4, 6 to RM8. They used to have Roasted Sausages (燒腸), wonder why they stopped selling now.

2009_11_21 Carnavon Street Duck Rice 009a 2009_11_21 Carnavon Street Duck Rice 006a

Each plate of Roast Duck and others will have this sweet bean sauce that place at the side. That is a special taste that acquire for this.

2009_11_21 Carnavon Street Duck Rice 004a

Home made chili which is a must to have. Generous of duck sauce for the rice that’s make the rice even more fragrant.

2009_11_21 Carnavon Street Duck Rice 010a 2009_11_21 Carnavon Street Duck Rice 003a

A complimentary bowl of soup that is made out from winter melon, and ribs that make the soup sweet and tasty.

A simple lunch like this honestly does give you an ommph feeling!!

Address & Contact Number
246, Lebuh Carnarvon
Tel: +6016-465 1019 (Mr Lam 林潤彪)

Business Hour:
11am to 3pm (Closed Public Holidays)


My Taste Heaven said...

i am never crazy about duck rice because personally i find that chicken rice is a much better choice than duck rice. but the duck rice at this place really looks tempting, maybe i should bring my friends who are coming from KL for a try!!!

Food For Tots said...

These are all my hubby's favourite dishes. Must bookmark this place for my next Penang trip. ;)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

ya.... many reckon that this place serves good roast duck. lol

taufulou said...

one of my fav place duck rice..
the biz gila 1.pack like hell

kinda miss this place~

Little Inbox said...

Would love to give it a try!

tigerfish said...

I enjoy the crispy skin of roasted duck! oops!

Cynthia said...

Oh, what I would not give to taste that duck.

Meliz said...

Hi, I was impressed by your blog! Herewith enclosed a suggestion for your next craving at Seri Kembangan >>

ck lam said...

Very tasty and prices are reasonable too. Sold out fast especially on the special Chinese prayer day.

~Christine~Leng said...

the rice looks different in colour... was it poured with some duck sauce? ^^

email2me said...

Gee .... reading your blog in the middle of the night makes my stomach growl .... hungry d ....

bIG bOYS oVEN said...

wow this looks delicious, shall we meet for food soon in Penang? :)

worldwindows said...

Not easy to find these in Penang. I like a good portion of roast duck once a while.

squall said...

i like their duck...
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tigerfish said...

They even have free winter melon soup! What a cool thing.

superwilson said...

lovely stuff

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi My Taste Heaven, You should consider this place… this is one of the best duck rice in town!

Hi Food For Tots, yup!! Many people’s favourite in fact!

Hi Food Paradise, ya lor!

Hi taufulou, so, in your recent trip home, did you visit this place??

Hi Little Inbox, yes, don’t hesitate, pal!

Hi tigerfish, me too!

Hi Cynthia, why not, uh?

Hi CK, is it so??? Thanks for the tips!

Hi Christine, yup!

Hi Ken, hahahahaa…..

Hi BBO, did you try this in your recent visit?

Hi worldwindow, especially a good one.

Hi squall, sure!

Hi tigerfish, yuup!!

Hi superwilson, thank you!

Anonymous said...

What is the coffee shop name? Is it Yat Seng also?

StrawberrY Gal said...

em... nice nice . cant wait to have them