Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coffee Lane 咖啡坊

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From a coffee lover to now an entrepreneur, that owns Coffee Lane. Coffee Lane is a place where you can have coffee that is freshly ground, freshly brew, and freshly serve with Mr Terry Beh’s passionate heart.

This is the place where you can enjoy the most expensive coffee in the world, and yes, that’s right, that’s Luwak Coffee. When we were expecting a cup of such nicely brew Luwak Coffee, unfortunately they were running out of stock for the day, and it takes a month to deliver it. Looks like we would have to come back for this coffee.

Mr Beh will normally asks his customers what type of coffee do they prefer, some coffee has the fruity taste and some are basically very bitter, thus, he will recommend per the customers’ preference. If this is your 1st visit, he will normally introduce Mandheling Coffee which is from Sumatra.

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If you’re truly a coffee lover, you will tend to have bitter coffee, a coffee without sugar to taste is originality. I don’t deny the fact that I do love coffee, as such I chose Java Arabica coffee for the day and hubby have Aceh Gayo Coffee.

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These coffee are freshly ground and brew in vacuum coffee maker, in short they call this syphon coffee maker, and it was invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s, reference made from Wikipedia. Such coffee is not thick in looking but the taste is definitely have its kick.

Coffee Lane also have simple food like Nasi Lemak, Triple Decker Sandwiches, Tom Yam and so on. Since we were there during lunch we both have something simple and light to fill up the stomach.

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Tom Yam Bee Hoon Soup was my order, and the soup base is basically has its fragrant aroma. Can you believe it, I basically wallop the entire bowl of soup. The prawns are absolutely fresh and they also peeled off the shell for their customers. Isn’t that courtesy?

2010_05_29 Coffee Lane 016a 2010_05_29 Coffee Lane 019a

Nasi Lemak is basically an item for many bistro, café, eatery outlet. How could Malaysian miss this, hubby have a plate of this and found that the coconut rice is definitely given a big thumb up. It was absolutely fragrant and the curry that comes with it, it makes this Nasi Lemak a complete set.

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Oh yes, what best to have if you have a cup of coffee? Nothing can go wrong if you have a bite on butter cookie or a slice of cake. Homemade butter mint cake and cookies are available in Coffee Lane.

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Address & Contact Number
Coffee Lane 咖啡坊
10-B King Street
10200 Penang
Tel: +604-261 0625

Business Hour
11am to 8pm
Closed on Thursday

Free Wi-Fi


SimpleGirl said...

as a coffee lover, i must drop by one tea time now, shall i have my cuppa

Little Inbox said...

I love coffee, but I can't take it too frequent.I feel like my body can't take it.

ai wei said...

very very nice pic!

i would love my cuppa here

babe_kl said...

what are the dark lines on the cake? mint leaves?

uLi.佑莉 said...

nice coffee...I luv coffee~

ck lam said...

Great to know they have included several food items in the menu :)

Big Boys Oven said...

this is truly an awesome place to relax and have a cuppa of coffee, so well recommended!

mimid3vils said...

I can't drink coffee, will make me insomnia ;P

cariso said...

Wow, got so many food items. I can go already eventhough I don't drink coffee.

buzzingbee said...

hehe I've yet to post my visit on this place. I truly enjoyed the coffee there, and without sugar!
Next time must go try the tomyam and nasi lemak :)

email2me said...

This kind of good coffee hard to resist! A good start for my day with a good cup of coffee

taufulou said...

wow~ you take the pictures till so nais!

cannot deny tat he really serve good coffee~