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Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant 金鳳樓

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Dad used to take us here when we were small; this place was the place where dad & mom celebrated their wedding anniversary, and also our birthdays too.

Today we brought daddy here for Father’s Day to enjoy back the food and the environment and services that we had enjoyed before.

Golden Phoenix is the Chinese restaurant in this 5 star hotel named Equatorial Hotel in Bayan Lepas. If am not mistaken Golden Phoenix is a Sichuan restaurant and specialized in Sichuan food, and I remember vividly that we had the Mah Poh Soup here before. And due to old folks age, we know they would prefer not to have such sourish soup for dinner.

Thus tonight food was basically very light and simple. At least, quiet and pleasant for a family.

While we went thru the menu, we can’t deny the fact that the food here is rather pricey, but I would have to thank hubby for taking his staff for lunch and where he entitled for a 20% discount voucher for dinner. The voucher is only entitled for 20% and it’s only for dinner, it’s not valid when used in conjunction with other promotions, and also only valid till 31 August 2010.

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Mom always like to have Peking Duck (RM78-00), we have this as appetizer. The chef pushes the cart and cut the duck skin in front of his customers, the waitress will help him to roll the duck skin with prepared vegetables like cucumber, spring onions and carrot, and also lightly spread with Hoisin sauce then wrapped.

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The balance duck meat is given 4 choices to choose from how to cook it, you can choose from ginger & sprint onion type, dried red chilies type, celery or black beans. We chose Sichuan dried red chilies instead. Some spices to spike up the dinner.

2010_06_19 Golden Phoenix 027a

Mom wants to have Cantonese steamed fish, thus we have Garoupa fish (RM108-00) per her preference. The fish is definitely fresh and tender, with the soya sauce and garlic oil that makes the fish even more delicious.

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Dad is a vege person, he’s the one the make the order on what vege to have, knowing him, stir fry Kai Lan (RM28-00) is his 1st choice. Looking at the food decoration, honestly it makes us have better appetite.

2010_06_19 Golden Phoenix 008a

Sizzling Beancurd (RM35-00) was smooth and the gravy was nice to have it with steamed rice.

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We have also have a plate of Water Eel fried with garlic (RM28-00), this is the dish that dad used to order for us when we’re here. And for Father’s Day, we ordered this again, those days we used to have fried bun and steam bun to eat with it, but not any more now. And they also have an unique name to name the buns too… when you order this Water Eel with Garlic, make sure you check with the restaurant do they serve Gold and Silver buns, that is the fried and steamed bun meant.

It was a pleasant dinner that we the children bought him… would like to take this opportunity to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day!

Address & Contact Number
Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant
1 Jalan Bukit Jambul
Bayan Lepas
11900 Penang
Tel: +604-6438 111
Fax: +604-6448 000

Note: Golden Phoenix in Penang Equatorial Hotel serves Sichuan & Cantonese cuisine. However Golden Phoenix in Kuala Lumpur Equatorial Hotel serves Cantonese cuisine.


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Dads should be celebrated on Father's Day and everyday. :)
I didn't know they serve Peking Duck. How did you like it?

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this place looks awesome and pure of luxury and food! :)

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A great night out with dad and the food looks good...

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The food looks absolutely yummy! A great celebration with dad huh?

Steven Goh said...

Nice one... are the dishes better than CRC restaurant?

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Such a great restaurant near my house also I dunno .... must bring mom go when back in Penang

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Price really expensive wor...

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oh Penang, food heaven.

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wau..the peking duck really look delicious...

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