Amelie Cafe

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Many had written about Amelié Café that located in the historical town – the Armenian Street. What caught my attention and eager to find out what do they have when I first read Lingzie’s post. I kept bugging hubby to bring me there, well, he should know the place pretty well, not because of anything, because he’s a native Penangite and he knows all the streets in town.

The 1st visit with hubby honestly I was thrilled, and it’s full of surprises, and the 2nd visit that I have was basically with my other 2 buddies. The 2nd visit was merely pleasant and enjoyable moment. So, I would conclude this place is full of surprises yet pleasant and also tranquilizing.

I remember during the 1st visit, I got to know a lot of history about Penang, about Armenian Street. How would this name came about? And got to know many of Malaya’s Armenians came from the country around New Julfa, Isfahan, in what was then Persia, today’s Iran. This location had been a thriving Armenian trading settlement since the 16th century (sauce: The E&O Hotel – Pearl of Penang by Ilsa Sharp).

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Honestly this place is full of surprises in a sense that they fully recycle that needs to be, for example, glasses for drinks, they used jam bottle. Even plates, some looked pretty old, but they still used it to serve dishes. Cups and saucer is not matching at all, perhaps another re-cycle product. Chairs and tables were also recycle… I could see school chair during my time. I was very excited sitting on it.

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Wooden tables, baskets that hanging to store fruits, etc. To me these are creative ideas and also environmental friendly too. Looking at the flower pots are not those fancy pots, but using cooking pot to plant plants, or mints herbs.

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That’s why when my buddies suggested for a gathering, without second thought I recommended this place to them. First of all, the price is definitely reasonable, and the food is very home cooked feel. Though the place is rather small, can only cater 4 tables, but it’s definitely a place for a nice homely meal.

In fact, when I 1st came, I thought this couple must have been to overseas and now decide to return home for good. To my surprise, the down to earth Yen told me that they both have not been to any overseas countries before. And I got to know from other bloggers that she’s a journalist too. A café that only open since 6 months ago could gain such a reputable feedback from tourists, bloggers and many Penangites, think that’s nothing go wrong with it.

2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 020a

Risotto Pork Bacon (RM14-90)

2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 017a 2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 015a

Tomato Classic Homemade Pasta with Pork Sausage (RM14-90)

2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 013a 2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 014a

Aglio e Olio Homemade Pasta with Pork Sausage (RM14-90)

2010_06_12 Amelie Cafe 039a 2010_06_12 Amelie Cafe 037a

Scramble Egg & Parmesan Sandwich (RM14-90)

2010_06_12 Amelie Cafe 044a 2010_06_12 Amelie Cafe 042a

Risotto Pork Sausage (RM14-90)

2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 006a 2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 007a

Passion Fruit & Banana Lassi (RM8-50)

2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 018a 2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 019a

Orange and Ginger Smoothie (RM6-50)

2010_06_19 Amelie Cafe 009a

Caffe Americano Cold (RM5-50)

2010_06_12 Amelie Cafe 018a

Espresso Macchiatto – Double Shot (RM4-50)

2010_06_12 Amelie Cafe 030a

Cappuccino – Double Shot (RM5-50)

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Address & Contact Number
No 6, Armenian Street
10200, Penang
(next to Cheah Kongsi)
Tel: +6012 496 7838


CRIZ LAI said…
The food do look a bit different here. Looks good but I do see lots of sausage usage. :P

The whole environment reminded me of my old office. Nothing would stick on the salt base wall.. not even quality ICI paint. :P
Anonymous said…
wow nice, the deco was really old school, and the food looks quite special. would surely wanted to try one day!!
Unknown said…
Like the setting. And read many review about this place. Thought of visiting it one day. ^-^
Big BOys Oven said…
this place truly rocks! Kudos to the owner for being so creative and so talent event on their food creation! just mind blowing to see and defintel be explosive to able to taste! just fantastic, wish KL here is that creative in standard. Did a good job for having it on your blog! thanks!
Babe_KL said…
such a quaint little place!
Little Inbox said…
The place is super small. It only has 2 little tables.
minchow said…
This is the first I've seen of this place! What an absolute gem! Penang needs more, more of this!
Hi Criz, yes, they use lots of sausages.

Hi Simple Girl, nice place to hang out with friends for a cup of tea.

Hi Food Paradise, you should… it’s a nice place.

Hi BBO, rock huh?? Thanks!!

Hi Babe_KL, oh yes it is… no doubt about it.

Hi Little Inbox, to be exact is 4 tables only with only the couple serving, cooking, washing, I think 4 tables is just alright for them.

Hi Minchow, yes, you’re right. Penang needs more of this!!
J2Kfm said…
4 tables only?
Wah ... very very quaint indeed. I saw this place from my friend's FB album and wondered where was this.

Kinda like Kopi Cine, but with cheaper mains. How's the risotto? Certainly a tough Italian dish to master.
24HrMom said…
Hi there... u're still updating yr blog well.. Phone number published.. missing one number leh...
Anonymous said…
Ur photography is amazing!! Love the colors! Do you mind sharing which camera model do you use? :D
email2me said…
This is nice ..... didn't know they exist in the first place ....
Anonymous said…

I would like to share with fellow bloggers a cafe specializing in espresso coffee in Mont Kiara.

The highlight of this cafe is that all its coffee whether it is latte, flat white or cappuccino, cost only RM3!

Email for the location of this cafe. I can be reached at or 012-5281679.


Btw, I love Amelie too. They are recently closed for renovation, wonder how would it be after that =D