Q Wok Nyonya Curry House 秋閣娘惹咖喱屋

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 018a

I remember sometime last year, I had breakfast at this area, and I thought I saw this place was under massive renovation. And happened today I was thinking where should we bring dad and mom for dinner, and this place was just came to my mind at the right time.

Have been having those normal ‘chu-char’ for quite some time, but today we’ll just wanted to have something different. And after all the old folks have not have Nyonya food for awhile, thus, we drove all the way to Bukit Minyak for dinner.

It’s a two shop lots that combined for this place, I supposed this place is rather full during working hours, cuz, it’s near to Juru Auto City as well as Prai Industrial Estate.

Since, this is our first time, we just have something simple and also order their recommendation.

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 011a

Sambal Petai (RM20-00) is our family’s favourite, regardless how it cook. For Q-Wok Nyonya, the taste is slightly on the sour side, we presume they use asam water.

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 003a

Dark Soya Meat (RM9-00), is a small pot that we have, meat is tender and marinated well.

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 008a

Curry Squids (RM10-00)

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 010a

Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables (RM12-00)

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 016a

Assam Prawns (RM21-00), prawns were fresh, and the sauce was absolutely refreshing.

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 004a

Overall, I quite like the place, at least it’s clean and food isn’t that bad. After all, can’t find any good Nyonya food in Butterworth, thus, this is definitely another choice of place for lunch and dinner.

2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 006a 2010_06_12 Q-Wok Nyonya 005a

Q-Wok Nyonya also selling their home made curry paste, and sambal belancan paste, per packet is RM3-50 and RM4-00 respectively. They have also changed their serving time effective Oct 18 last year.

Address & Contact Number
Q Wok Nyonya Curry House
26 & 38, Jalan Bayu Mutiara 1
Taman Bayu Mutiara
14000 Bukit Mertajam
Tel: +604-507 1181


Big Boys Oven said…
wow those nyonya dishes looked awesome delicious! lovely!
uLi.佑莉 said…
Yummy-licious!~ Wanna try it next time too :)
Little Inbox said…
Surprisingly, parts of my mom's home cooked dishes are similar to Nyonya cuisine, hehe...
Food For Tots said…
I miss nyonya food so much. The assam prawns look very appetizing! ;)
Jason Wong said…
We were there last month. Food is average, but doesn't really taste like the nyonyo food that we usually have in Mama's or Hot Wok.
SimpleGirl said…
the assam prawns looks good, long time didnt eat...suddenly made me graving for them!
CRIZ LAI said…
The food looked quite nice here. Good photography skills? :P anyway, I do find the buah petai dish a bit over priced and the "tau ewe bak" a bit too watery for my liking. Mum's nyonya cooking is still the best! :P

email2me said…
Enuf said .... that petai made me speechless and drool now .... so tempting ....
taufulou said…
haaa...cheap price lei~
mimid3vils said…
Why the sambal petai so expensive?
FoOd PaRaDiSe said…
hmm.... nice foods.
ck lam said…
I have yet to visit this outlet...must try it out one day.
cariso said…
I heard this is the only one 'ei-khi' among the whole row? True? :)