Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Blanket Babylon

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After a long week stress, best to distress yourself by sitting at the sea side enjoying the breeze and some quality food.

2010_07_10 Babylon 021a 2010_07_10 Babylon 022a

Distress doesn’t mean having a glass of wine or other liquor but a class of Ice Long Black Coffee or a Chilled Mango Juice is another way of enjoying your life. Of course, having your loved one with you is another bonus.

2010_07_10 Babylon 018a

Unwind yourself in this place with the tune of sea wave and sea breeze could make one self enjoy the fullest.

2010_07_10 Babylon 046a 2010_07_10 Babylon 027a

Beach Blanket Babylon moved out from The Garage that is along Upper Penang Road back to their own 32 Mansion about a year ago. They are part of the 32 Mansion management which is YKH Group the premier chain of award winning restaurant, but Beach Blanket Babylon is offering casual finger food for those that enjoy quiet and tranquilizing moment on their own. Talking about Mr Yeoh Kah Hock, if I remember clearly his 1st opening was Boom Boom Babylon a discotheque cum night club near China Street Ghaut (where it’s near the old building of Ban Hin Lee bank), his night club that has Las Vegas type of cabaret show, and attracted lots of sophisticated adults to his outlet . His 2nd opening in terms of night club was in former Gala Theater that is located Anson Road. Anyway, probably due to the 90s economy slumps, both outlet had closed down. And what we have right now are exclusive restaurants that serving good quality food from his chain of restaurants.

2010_07_10 Babylon 038a 2010_07_10 Babylon 029a

Let’s not divert the food that we are going to share here. What’s the specialties in Beach Blanket Babylon are Laksa Lemak, Vietnamese Pho (Beef Koay Teow Soup), and Mee Mamak (RM12-00 respectively). Since we both didn’t really like lemak food nor beef, hence we opted for Mee Mamak. One may find it expensive, but once in awhile do indulge yourself with good food, why not right?? Seriously, the Mee Mamak here isn’t that bad, if could add more spicy flavour that would be perfect.

2010_07_10 Babylon 034a 2010_07_10 Babylon 033a

In fact, I would strongly recommend their other specialty is their Garlic Bread (2 pcs RM2-50). I couldn’t find any other places that could have such a toast to prefect Garlic Bread. They are not using any other normal loaf of bread but Oat Meal Bread.

2010_07_10 Babylon 032a 2010_07_10 Babylon 030a

For any drinker, whether you’re here for wine, or beer or hard liquor. At times, you will tend to have some finger food. Though we didn’t have one, having this prawn fritter (RM12-00) is basically to satisfy our greedy hunger.

2010_07_10 Babylon 040a 2010_07_10 Babylon 042a

For once, nobody is watching the calories nor the fat, just wallop what we want. Dessert Crepe Banana Kahlua with Vanila Ice Cream (RM12-00) that ends the relaxation lunch that we have.

Address & Contact Number
Beach Blanket Babylon
No. 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
Tel: +604-262 2232

Business Hour:
12noon till 12am


Big Boys Oven said...

wow this place is gorgeoua and the photos truly played my mind with lovely joy. I wonder ti would be defintely awesome sitting quietly siping a cup of petite well brewed coffee and reading through a book, that can be very heavenly, This place is so well captured by your lense and so perfect!

SimpleGirl said...

seems like a great place to hang out...nice name also..sure will take note!

ck lam said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely place. Love your photos!

uLi.佑莉 said...

Nice dining place le :)

vialentino said...

awesome place! nice pics!

babe_kl said...

Wah this place look so pretty! So nice to sit there to feel the sea breeze!

BTW, August is round the corner, it’s time for the next instalment of the virtual Merdeka Open House. I’m looking for suggestions for this year’s theme, hope you could contribute some but do remember to participate and join in the fun!

minchow said...

Wow, lovely! I always did think it was a bit wasted when they moved to the Garage - just didn't seem like the right location for the concept. Must visit next!

Little Inbox said...

Oh yes, an alternative way of de-stress besides the holiday trip. :)

mimid3vils said...

wow, nice place to hang out~~

Duckie said...

nice place!!

Food For Tots said...

This place has nice ambience but is charging tourist price for their food. I miss mee mamak. Your shots are stunning! ;)

taufulou said...

didnt know now pg got such a lovely plcae to hang out..

surely go back would want to dump myself at this place and relax~

cariso said...

The garlic bread really looks good!

buzzingbee said...

Great settings. Surely a lovely place to unwind.
Is the 32 mansion restaurant still around or taken over by this?

My Food Fetish said...

Great pics. Must try Beach Blanket Babylon one of these days... :)

wmw said...

Food looks good. Did you know that Beach Blanket Babylon is also a place musical show in San Francisco?

Steven Goh said...

this place looks very relaxing. Wat a new finding :)