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On our recent trip to KL, we had a pleasant lunch with our friend, and the place that they brought us to was Zipangu. Zipangu would not be any stranger to many KL folks, probably for Penangite, they would wonder where is this place. This is a fine dining Japanese restaurant located in Shangri-la Hotel in KL. Been to this restaurant once, this is our second visit. The atmosphere and the environment still the same; it gives people a tranquilizing feel when you dine though the price is rather hefty down here. I bet people are paying for the environment and the food quality.

Anyway, since our friend is a Japanese food lover, best for him to make the order and we enjoy the food, and I could take this opportunity to snap as much photos as possible.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 013a

Neither are we having any bento or set lunch for the day, hence, we have a la carte. 1st we have a mini cawanmushi for a start. The egg custard is simply smooth and fragrant. You couldn’t spot any steam hole in it, it was called it steam to perfection.

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Assorted tempura that consists of prawns, fishes, vegetables were served next. Prawns were fresh and tender even is covered with flour batter, but when you bite on it, you could taste the juicy out of it. It’s absolutely thumb up for this.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 021a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 020a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 018a

After such a satisfying plate of tempura here comes our favourite – assorted sashimi. The slices of raw fish that is lining up nicely on the platter with dry ice decorated, honestly it gives us an eye opener. Well at least I don’t see Penang Japanese restaurant have such creative idea, don’t they? By looking at the thickness of these raw fishes, I believe the freshness need not to doubt.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 030a

Grilled fish… with a squeeze of lemon that makes the fish refreshing, and of course delicious too.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 029a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 028a

Grilled Cod Fish, though the outlook doesn’t look appetizing, but trust me, it’s real good.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 027a

Teriyaki Chicken that come next to Grilled Cod Fish, this was pan fried till tender and juicy; it’s definitely no doubt of its way of cooking it. Hubby always finds that, this is best to eat with Japanese Garlic Fried Rice. Hence, he’s been requesting the waiter to serve his garlic fried rice as soon as possible.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 034a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 033a

By the time the Garlic Fried Rice served, a mouth full bite on the Grilled Cod Fish was filled with satisfaction.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 025a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 017a

Soft Shell Crab Makizushi was another delicacy food. I got to know that it is not a separate species of crab but a crab that has moulted as part of the growing process.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 035a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 036a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 037a

Apart from Soft Shell Crab Makizushi, we were having another Makizushi. But this is using raw fish instead; this type of raw fish is high in Omega 3. With Salmon eggs as topping, honestly I could feel the luxury of it.

2010_07_02 Shang Japn 044a 2010_07_02 Shang Japn 046a

Dessert is always the best that end the entire meal, with 2 couples on the table, the gentlemen op for Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste and we the ladies went for Black Sesame Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste. In fact, this is one of the best Japanese Ice Cream that I ever tried before.

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To have a quiet fine dine Japanese food in a busy city, this isn’t any bad idea to indulge yourself, though price is on the hefty side, once in awhile, do pamper yourself with such exclusive meal, it helps to distress yourself from the day to day working stress.

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Address & Contact Number
Shangri-la Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2032 2388 / Restaurant Reservation : 1800 88 7881


SimpleGirl said…
really good how much was the damage?
Little Inbox said…
I can estimate the total damage, but it was such a nice dining experience. See all those quality food, I'm mouth-watering now.
uLi.佑莉 said…
Been here once....nice and fresh Japanese food :)
minchow said…
Lovely photographs! Sushi never looked this enticing!
mimid3vils said…
Good shots, those sashimi look fresh under ur lense~~
taufulou said…
a Stranger to me also this place..

but the food and the shashimi all look so fresh~
email2me said…
Wow! Nice spread you got there and nice photos ... :D
Steve's Zushi said…
this article is wonderful! i love the pictures! it gets me hungry! :D
Big Boys Oven said…
so lovely, how can anyone resist of such temptation! :)
Steven Goh said…
Zapangu, sound like "Japanese Cow". Btw, i see that the garlic fried rice very nicely fried and delicious.
KY said…
my oh my, i miss this place!
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