Friday, September 10, 2010

Manila Place Restaurant

2010_08_28 Manila Place 002a

Some people said the world is so small, wherever you go, you will tend to bump into somebody that you know. Well, I truly agreed with that… cuz, while I was having my meal in the new Manila Place few weekends ago, I actually bump into Christopher Choong whom is the famous photographer for many wedding events in Penang. First thought was like, the world is so small. Second thought was hey, am meeting somebody could give me some good tips on photographing.

It was just merely coincident, while I was shooting some food on my table. Chris was suggesting why not I use the lens that he has, and flick second, he just handed me his lens and I’d just put it on and try. And the effect of the outcome was superb. That even makes me more eager to have one for myself.

From the conversation, I realized we have actually met once in one of my colleague’s wedding over in Butterworth. That time I was not a blogger and not even interested in taking photograph. But always admire how people take nice photo shoots. Of course, the surrounding lighting, the lens capability and the tools is important to make one interesting and beautiful.

Well… Manila Place has shifted from their first original lot to the new wing of Gurney Plaza mall. The prior lot has now make way for Chicago Ribs, and what Manila Place now located is just next to Dragon-I Restaurant. Thought many may think will that pull away their customers? I would strongly comment that it will not, as old customers like us, are anxious to dine in their new outlet, cuz, the new outlet is giving us the new feeling, the new experience.

Don’t believe me?? In fact the food range has improved a lot, where you could choose more than what you expected. And I could see many are return customers to the outlet, I bet they were as anxious as me too. Also it has bigger space to cater more customers too… a cozy corner for customers to wait for their seating, and of course the variety of magazines to read while waiting.

2010_08_28 Manila Place 017a 2010_08_28 Manila Place 012a

Set Lunch – Grilled Mushroom Chicken, grilled chicken that serves with home made mushroom sauce.

2010_08_28 Manila Place 006a

The set lunch is also 1st served with their all time ready creamy mushroom soup.

2010_08_28 Manila Place 020a 2010_08_28 Manila Place 015a

Next is the House Special Burger – Chicken. This comes with fried egg and cheese and double thick burger profile, serves with wedges and fresh garden salad.

2010_08_28 Manila Place 007a

Honey Lemon, the best in the island, cuz, I couldn’t find anywhere that give sumptuous honey and lemon. Best to have when you have bad sore throat.


babe_kl said...

very beautiful pics indeed ;-)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Grilled mushroom chicken looks not bad :)

buzzingbee said...

yes I saw the new outlet too and is curious to try it out again. Is the food as good as it looks?

Duckie said...

the grilled mushroom chicken looks not bad. will be back at their new outlet to try soon :D

Little Inbox said...

Pal, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your hubby!
My last tript to Gurney Plaza was kind of rush, so haven't got time to dine in there.

StrawberrY Gal said...

Its look yummy and de pix is cantik nya