Thursday, February 17, 2011

喜洋城 Hei Yeong Seng Chinese Restaurant

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 001a 2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 002a

Hei Yeong Seng Chinese Restaurant is a new restaurant that recently opened its door for business in Penang Plaza, Burmah Road. Since, the plaza has refurbished and renovated, it gives many people a fresh look. At least, it attracts more visitors with one restaurant down there. Otherwise, it’s just another dead town.

Yesterday was our first visit and it’s also a birthday celebration for mother-in-law. And, I would have to say that my sister-in-law that arranged this meal has done a very good job.

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 017a

When comes to birthday, birthday noodle is a must for many birthday person. It represents the longevity for them, some even believe the noodle should not be cut. Since, it’s a big bowl of Lam Mee, the waiter was kind enough to scoop it out into a small bowl for all of us. And the taste was unbelievable very nice. At least it has captured all our good comments on this bowl of noodle.

After the bowl of longevity noodle, the rest that comes on to the Lazy Susan was a simple dishes yet full of understanding thought that my sister-in-law arranged.

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 010a 2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 012a

Sambal Fried Long Beans

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 025a 2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 027a

Steamed Garoupa

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 021a 2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 023a

Steam Egg with Saute Minced Meat

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 019a

Pai Kut Ong (Pork Ribs)

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 014a 2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 016a

Salted Chicken Pot

All the above dishes are best to have it with steamed rice, and honestly, that makes many of them have add on rice. Am sure any mother would loves to see that.

2011_02_13 Hei Yeong Seng 030a

What’s best to end a dinner … it’s a simple dessert. Soya Bean with Gingko. The Soya Bean drink wasn’t too sweat, it was just nice and the Gingko was tender. Apart from the dessert, full of laughter was the key of family harmony.

Happy Chap Goh Meh!!!

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Address & Contact Number
Hei Yeong Seng Chinese Restaurant
Lot 207-221 & Lot 231-245
2nd Floor, Penang Plaza
126 Burmah Road
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-229 1623 / 229 3623

Business Hour:
11.45am to 2.30pm
6.00pm to 9.45pm
7 days a week


Angeline Yoshiko said...

Looks delicious. Must go and try.

ck lam said...

Great...another addition place for Chinese cuisine in town :)

Steven Goh said...

yum yum... one of my favorite place. I will be visiting again next week :)

Little Inbox said...

It's time for me to explore the place.
The food looks tempting.

Rebecca said...

The food is not bad, worth trying. Some of the chefs were former CRC restaurant. Last night we went for dinner with some friends, 80 % were good but only the fried noodle they added in some dried prawns that made it like cheap stuff. Dried scallops steamed and stuffed in yam paste then deep fried don't not taste good, it came with a "bird nest" of fresh scallops and veggie.