Friday, February 25, 2011

Ta-Krai Café

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 001a 2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 005a 2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 004a 2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 006a

This is my 1st visit to Ta-Krai Café that’s located in Juru Auto City. Been wanting to visit this place for a long long time, but many times, my suggestion was turn down. However this trip, I insisted to try out the food which is operated by Log that is next to Ta-Krai Café.

Ta-Krai Café is managed by Log and it was established for almost 2 to 3 years. From the external, hardly could see anyone dine in during lunch especially on the weekends, however, it’s basically full house during working days. Perhaps the surrounding customers around Prai Industrial Estate is visiting this place for lunch and also Friday night, you will see a lot more customers dining there.

As I mentioned before, I am not really a Thai food fan, however, once in awhile will definitely yearning for it, perhaps I like the spiciness.

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 009a 2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 010a

Anyway, a simple appetizer to start off the lunch, Prawn in Bread (RM5-00), some people call it prawn toast. Many would want this as snacks especially with a group of friends drinking beer or wine.

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 021a

While we were viewing through the menu, they were recommended Kheng Som Pla Tup Tim (RM25-00), it’s a deep fried fish and cooked with Thai special sauce. It wasn’t that spicy, but it does has its kick as in sourish. This is also cook with cauliflower, and other vegetables as well.

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 026a

When you’re into Thai Restaurant, Tom Yam soup (RM10-00) is something that you didn’t want to miss. And that goes to me too. A Tom Yam Seafood Soup that is made of sourish broth, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, crushed chilies, etc and cooked with assorted seafood like fish, squid, prawns and so on, that will make the soup tasty and mouth watering.

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 014a

Other than the spicy food, Fried Kailan with Prawns (RM8-00) is something simple, guess many places will have this dish.

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 031a

Takrai Chicken (RM12-00) – Lemongrass Chicken, something different from what we normally seen in the menu, and it’s easily make too.

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 020a

Since everyone is going for steam rice, I wanted to have something different thus a Ta-Krai Fried Rice (6-90) was specially ordered.

2010_09_12 Ta-Krai Cafe 008a

A glass of Amra Juice is also refreshing after a hot spicy meal on a hot sunny day.

Address & Contact Number
Ta-Krai Café
Unit A, Plot 1 Auto-City Phase 3
North-South Highway
Juru Highway Interchange
13600 Prai
Tel: +604-501 1192


SimpleGirl said...

nice amniance and the lemongrass chicken captured my attention really

choi yen said...

The Tom Yum so cheap, RM10.00 only O.O

email2me said...

Nice ambiance ... but the food doesn't get my appetite attention. Maybe it looks a little bit fusion. I prefer my Thai food the street way. Dirty and nice!

Honda City 2011 said...

Never heard of this place. Shall try it one day. Thanks for the suggestion ! =)

Darren said...

Hi, i have shared your blog link in my blog roll.
Mind to share mine? thanks! =]

Steven Goh said...

Nice layout, is like back to nature. From the pictures I can sense that the food is very hot and spicy. I m not sure I can handle it or not.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Simple Girl, really?? But it tastes good.

Hi Choi Yen, yup!!

Hi email2me, dirty and nice??! :)

Hi Darren, thk u.

Hi Steven, the boss is decorating by using their own products.