Agua Mediterranean Cuisine

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Straits Quay is surely a place to visit, a place for a drink, and a place for good food. On our recently special occasion, we spent a simple dinner down there. It’s our first visit and also it was a very sweet one. Though half way thru it was pouring heavily, we could hear the wind howling, and the rain drops were fiercely hit on the windows and glass door. But still that did not spoil our dinner, despite that heavy down pour.

Since it’s a simple yet a quality time spent together, the food that we have also the simplest too. What is that not so simple for the night, I wonder?!

Set meal is always hearty and also filing, I guess that’s only applied to small eater. And set meal is always the worth for the money kind of meal, be it everywhere you go, it’s always the case. What comes with Agua Mediterranean down here, was pretty impressive.

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Spicy Sweet Pepper & Tomato Soup with Croutons, served hot. Would anyone want to try if they are serving cold soup? In fact, there is such soup in the entire area over in Europe.

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Fillet of Fish Tunise (fish in Tunisian Style with Spices, Herbs & Lemon)

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Dessert is something that I always see it from the Asian Food Channel, Oranges in Caramel with Red Wine Sauce. This is cooked in Red Wine, Cinnamon & Cloves. It’s a special acquired taste, only if you like the taste of cloves. However, it’s a good experience to try out.

Apart from the set meal that I’d mentioned above, they do too have A la Carte service as well.

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Mixed Mushroom Paprika, tarragon & cream served on toast (RM19.90) is appetizing and tasty. In fact, it’s simple that we could make one for breakfast also.

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Pork Medallions Monaco (RM36.90), it’s a pan fried pork medallions, caramelized shallots and herbs baked potatoes.

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Sometimes if you can’t afford for any fine dining dinner for a special occasion, Agua Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant is another better choice too. At least it has the cozy environment for anyone to enjoy their food.

Address & Contact Number
Agua Mediterranean Cuisine
3A-G-18 &19 Straits Quay
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong
10470, Penang
Tel: +604-890 8668

Business Hour:

11am – 11pm Daily


minchow said…
Wow I've been super sceptical about the food at Straits Quay but everything here looks good! I'm going to order that Tunisian fish next!
Anonymous said…
Great post!

This place is a favorite of of the better restaurants in Penang.
your photos make me hungry too!!!

i hv 2 blogs actually, wordpress & blogspot :)
cklam said…
The new menu has lots of delicacies. The Fish Tunish looks good...will sure to try it :)

Anyway, do look out for the Chicken Liver Parfait on your next visit.
Hi minchow, actually not too bad!

Hi aherbivoreinpenang, in fact, there are many more which I've not explore it all yet. :)

Hi valyn, thanks for dropping by. Read your blog... especially that's not easy to write in Mandarin. :)

Hi CK, good to see you here again. I didn't know they have changed a new menu, will explore further. Thanks for the heads up. :)
Anonymous said…
Don't worry you'll get to visit more great restaurants. I've heard great things about That Little Wine Bar but have yet to set food there.

I forgot to mention...Agua's lemon meringue pie is very good. The only thing not good sadly is the price! :(

It's a real treat...very zesty and the pie crust is very buttery.
Hi aherbivoreinpenang, i heard about that too. some gave me bad comments about them as it was an entire different taste when people dined there. it was not what has written in other peole's blog. so, i was very skeptical about it.
aredcardigan said…
hehe I meant foot and not food but I guess you can see 'food' was on my mind...hehe

Anyway the highlight from That Little Wine Bar is the mushroom quiche, hopefully I'll get a chance to review that place soon.

Hope you're having a good weekend. :)