Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hun Sai Fish Head Bee Hoon

2011_06_05 Paya Terubong Fish Head Bee Hoon 001a

Have you experience sitting in front of the grave yard and having your bowl of soupy hot fish head bee hoon (rice vermicelli)??

Well, I’ve just experienced it not long ago… seeing row by row of tombs, and greeneries of grasses that lining these tombs, is an unique scenery. If it’s not because of the recent disciplines, guess I would not discover this place. I was told the early start, it was only tricycle running the business, but now it has been growing with a small pick up van with a few helpers.

2011_06_05 Paya Terubong Fish Head Bee Hoon 005a 2011_06_05 Paya Terubong Fish Head Bee Hoon 004a

I supposed this is family running business, and it was started it small and now it’s growing to such situation, and it has also gained a certain percent of customer base for this. Even tables and chairs are unique…

The ingredients that preparing for the bowl of bee hoon is absolutely fresh! Though I didn’t order a bowl of prawn bee hoon, but I could see the prawns has its freshness and the meat is rather firm.

2011_06_05 Paya Terubong Fish Head Bee Hoon 012a 2011_06_05 Paya Terubong Fish Head Bee Hoon 014a

Both fish meat bee hoon costs RM4-50 per bowl, regardless deep fried fish or fresh one.

As for prawns is about RM8 per bowl. In fact, I am thinking I should go back again for the prawns. It was absolutely tempting!

2011_06_05 Paya Terubong Fish Head Bee Hoon 006a 2011_06_05 Paya Terubong Fish Head Bee Hoon 008a

Another type would be the assorted ingredients, eg. meat, meat ball, intestines, etc.

We have two different opinion on this, hubby finds it just nice, where as I find it too blend. But, talking about freshness of the ingredients, I do not have doubt about it. I guess I’ll leave it to the individual to judge then.

Address & Map
Paya Terubong
11060 Penang
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buzzingbee said...

I was there days before you posted this and felt as intrigued as you in the set up and location. It was also by chance that we spotted this stall and ended up having dinner there coz we didn't know where else to go!
Btw, nice pics! I didn't take any as it was dark and was without a cam.

I too felt that the soup is a little bland but I guess it hits the spot for most of its senior customers there.

Chris said...

Definitely the best place to have fresh bee hoon soup in Penang in my opinion. Have been a regular customer since I was small as my grandfather would always bring me there for dinner as we live closeby. Even till this day, I would definitely visit this store whenever I come back from Australia.Taste great as always, definitely recommended!