Home Cooked Noodle Soup

2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 014a

When you are leaving nothing in the fridge to prepare for a meal.... You will tend to be creative. Agree?  Even though that leaves you basically nothing to cook but you ought to crack your head to think of something. Right?

When comes to Friday, you wouldn't want to go anywhere but home.... Know why, the traffic from Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone to the Penang Bridge, honestly its killing. If you are driving a manual car.... You will want to go for shopping, before heading back home. For me, I didn't even want to go anywhere but home. Thank God, it’s an against traffic flow, thus, it’s not too bad, however, some time to get stuck in the traffic is also required. I wonder why are they not building a 4 lanes or 5 lanes of road?

So, a simple meal for such day can be really easy at times to pass your Friday night. What I made was a simple noodle soup with minced meat.

2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 005a 
2 cups of water
2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 011a
1 cube of chicken stock
2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 009a
2 stalks of spring onions, but I had about 10 stalks
2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 007a
Approximately 250g minced meat
2 teaspoon Oyster sauce
2 eggs

1.    Boil 2 cups of water
2.    Once it boils, add the 1 cube of chicken stock, and let it dissolve
3.    While waiting for it to dissolve, wash and cut the spring onions to 1.5inches in size
4.    Marinate the minced meat with 2 teaspoons of oyster sauce, for about 20minutes
2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 021a
5.    Add in the minced meat per 1 person’s serving
6.    Keep boiling till the meat is cooked
7.    At the same time, boil a pot of water cook the vermicelli per instruction
8.    Scoop out and pour in the soup and the minced meat
2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 015a
9.    Optional is to add in a poach egg per your liking
10. Garnish some spring onions that makes a bowl of noodle colourful

2012_05_11 Home Cooked Noodle Soup 017a


Waco said…
Marinate minced meat with oyster sauce looks interesting. Usually I just marinate it with soy sauce. Will try in future :)
Constance Ant said…
that's what i normally cook too when i'm too lazy to head out for makan.

but i'll boil the soup scratch using ikan bilis and tomato. healthier.
hEnRy said…
your blog is lovely. Now i manage to try a few more dishes. This noodle soup looks tasty. But I seldom use chicken stock, only ikan bilis