Monday, May 14, 2012

Sushi Zento Japanese Restaurant 膳户

2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 035a
When this piece of land was covered up and constructing, which is now named Precinct 10 in Tanjong Tokong, hubby and I think that this is gonna be another talk of the town place in Penang. True enough, we could see many eating outlet down there. Sushi Zento is one of them… and so far, the only Japanese restaurant that serves pork meat.

Seriously it’s hard to find Japanese food that is serving pork. And not many people aware that Japanese pork is different from the local type and even the Spanish type (Parma Ham). Anyway, I was even told this is actually owned by Azuma’s management too.

I personally do not visit any new restaurant when they newly open, first of all, it is absolutely chaos when comes to serving and even the food lining up for the kitchen. Since I’ve encountered many times of disappointment, I rather wait till the operation is fully mature enough before I step foot into it.

Sushi Zento is located at that eye catching area, big sign board, huge dining place, full glass panel that is over looking the car park area and the surrounding. Honestly, that’s a pretty good design. Inside the restaurant, as usual, the sushi area is full of those chefs that are preparing their food, a conveyer belt that is conveying the food for customers, just like any other fast food chain like Sakae Sushi or even Sushi King.

Because of this was highly recommended by a colleague of mine, and it was a spontaneous dining out kind of thing, thus, this place was just came to our mind just like that. Well, it didn’t disappoint me much, perhaps it gives me more opportunity to visit them more.

2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 006a 2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 009a
Komitama To Bacon Salada (Fresh salad, flavoured soft boiled egg and crispy bacon with Wafu dressing, RM18). I can even find some pork lard in the salad, it was absolutely yummy!!

2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 024a 
Buta Amiyaka (Grilled slice pork with Amiyaki Sauce, RM19)

2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 027a 
Nininku Chahan (Garlic Fried Rice, RM5), absolutely fragrant!

2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 012a 2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 016a 
Charsu Chahan (Roasted pork belly Fried Rice, RM10), this is our Chinese “Siu Yok” Fried Rice.

2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 018a  
I was tempted to try their Torikawa (Chicken Skin, RM6) Grill, but then I know if I order this… am sure my better half will surely lecture me. Anyway, ended up we have Shitake (Mushroom, RM4).

2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 029a 2012_04_22 Sushi Zento 032a
And, Negima (Chicken & Leek, RM8).

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Address & Contact Number
Sushi Zento Japanese Restaurant
10-A-11 & 1s, Precinct 10
Jalan Tanjung Tokong
Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel: +604-899 1725

Business Hour:
Monday to Thursday
11.30am to 3pm (Lunch)
6pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)

11.30am to 10.30pm (Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays)


Steven Goh said...

Looks good le, I wanna go try too

babe_kl said...

I love it when they can make a hard boil egg with runny yolk! yums

Anonymous said...

How Much for one person??