Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 047a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 044aSometimes it’s good to browse thru some foodie blogs, cuz, you will get to know new eatery place. In fact, I got to know about Kwong Sang House from one of the blog name Yummy. And due to curiosity, that leads me to find out more about this. I heard so much about Behind 50, unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit. Apparently it’s the same owner that established Behind 50 that branched out Kwong Sang House.   I believe I remembered a colleague of mine briefly told me about it, that Behind 50 plans to establish another branch some where around Leith Street area.

Well, I believe this is the place – Kwong Sang House.

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 039a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 041a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 006a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 008a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 009a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 040a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 042a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 001a
It’s funny to see a tailor shop transformed into a café and still keeping the originality in this shop. I would have to give a big applause to the owner that has such a creativity idea.  When we walked in, some 50’s or 60’s oldies was playing, and only a table that is occupied. Saw the lady busy capturing photo of this place, I believe this is going to post up in their blog.

Briefly went thru their menu, from the pictures it looks yummy. But again, it’s all the typical bistro, café kind of food. As for the drinks, it wasn’t freshly blend… some how it’s the deco that attracts many of us.

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 007a 2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 018a
Each sets comes with a drink, either Hot Green Tea or Dragon Fruit Drink, a salad or a bowl of soup for today, and the main course, finally a dessert aka a scoop of ice cream.  You can also op for a cup of coffee with extra charge RM2.00 if am not mistaken.

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 013a 
House Salad, consists of lettuce, olive, tomatoes, onions, etc.

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 019a
Mushroom Soup, garnished with some dried herbs, and given 2 slices of garlic bread.

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 026a
Aglio Olio, slightly spicy. But it does definitely have its kick!!

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 030a 
Butter Fish, pan fried the fish slightly on both side, and having side dishes like mashed potato and broccoli to complement with the main course.

2012_06_01 Kwong Sang Tailor 037a 
Single scoop ice cream that ends the simple meal at Kwong Sang House.

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Address & Contact Number
Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服
36 Leith Street
10220 Georgetown
Tel: +6012-556 5509 / +6012-4939 230

Business Hour: 12pm to 11pm (close on Thursday)