Via-Pre Tavern on Habour

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Via-Pre…. Is an authentic Italian Restaurant that is talked of the town right now. Whoever asked what to go for dinner, for farewell, for lunch, or for gathering. This is definitely the place that I would recommend. All the foods are imported, even their chefs are from overseas, and at least I could spot a few of the good looking Italian folks!

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You know you will just get pretty annoying when you know your other half has been to this new place for couple of times, and none of these you were in the dining opportunity. When you know at times you gotta make use of your Ace and demand for one. Well… it wasn’t a bad idea if you demand a good dinner on your anniversary, right? In fact, recommended this to one of my colleague, and he texted me while dining, and commented, the food is absolutely thumb up for its quality!

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Sometimes a food review doesn’t have to write a lot about its food but to share its picture and its presentation of the food. Of course, this little corner main objective is to write down that is something I didn’t want to forget when I age. You will never know what will happen when you’re old, whether your kids will be with you or overseas, or you’ll be in the old folks home and making new friends. Thus, the blog does serve it purpose of writing the day to day journal.

I believe I have written a few of my anniversary’s dining out experience… can never forget our favourite place, Feringghi Grill in Rasa Sayang, Hard Rock Café in Hard Rock Resort, Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant, etc. Each year, we’ll have something to try out eventhough Ferringhi Grill is our all time favourite place, and a stay in Hard Rock was to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary, Vintage Bulgaria was a last minute place for dinner cuz, we both took it for granted for not making any reservation in Ferringhi Grill.

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This year, we opted for Via-Pre because this is something that reminds me of Peppeno where it used to be in Golden Sands Resort. It was another authentic Italian restaurant that could find in Penang Island. Since Golden Sands Resort was closed down for renovation, I believe they have made away the restaurant for others.  For a regular like anyone would definitely miss those hot from the oven Pizza, Hand Made Pasta, and other dishes.

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Via-Pre… do not have a spectacular dining area, but, it came with a simple place with a few chairs and tables. A bar counter that cater for all sorts of wines, and a table that place all the imported food like olive, pasta, anchovies, etc.  I’ve been searching for Parma Ham for a longer period since I know how to cook, it’s not easy to find it in Penang, am sure it’s easy obtain in Kuala Lumpur. Parma Ham is something that I know that has marinated for a long period of time and slices the meat as thin as a piece of tissue paper. Some will eat with cheese, all types of cheese, some will eat with rock melon. Think I’ll opt for rock melon cuz, it gives me a refreshing taste, sweet plus salty taste.

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Heard so much about their most expensive pasta, that’s Aglio Olio Seafood Spaghetti which costs RM78 per plate. Many will say what is that so special, Aglio Olio is only needed olive oil and garlic and stir fry the pasta that’s all. Well, what costs the expensive noodle is all the seafood that’s on the plate, you can find big fresh scallops, prawns, mussels, squids, octopus, etc…

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Next… thin slice of pork meat wrap with ham. Well, this dish is not in their menu, it was a special dish for that day. It was something special, but the meat was too hard, perhaps it was over cooked.

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Minestrone Soup literally call Big Soup, is a thick soup of Italian origin made with vegetables, often with the addition of pasta or rice. Common ingredients include beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes (source: Wikipedia).

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It’s always good to end with a good dessert, eventhough you do not have enough room anymore in your stomach. Ever since Bakerzin has ceased its operation in Penang, I can’t find any good Tiramisu till I found it here in Via-Pre. I could taste a strong coffee and liquor in it, and the aroma of the dessert is so strong. How can I decline such a good offer, isn’t it?

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Sachertorte … a long time cake that I want to try all these while. Though I know it’s not that difficult to make, however, it gives me an impression that is something should not be missed in your life time. I guess it has his history, it’s invented from a Vienna chef Franz Sacher in 1832.

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While my eyes are on these desserts, but I also found some other desserts catching my attention, I could see Ricotta Cheese Cake, Apple Pie, Lemon Pie, Black Forest, etc… I think I will come back for more!!

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Note: Bistro/Lounge will be opening in end Jun’12


Little Inbox said…
Happy anniversary to you and your dear hubby! You really record the celebrations for the past few years.
Hi Little Inbox, thanks and yup, I recorded it down. :)
Jazz Tan said…
The food is superb expensive, dunno when only got chance to visit it.
Hi Jazz, well, I would have to admit that their price is rather on the high side. Hope they will have some promotion on Groupon. :)