Sunday, March 10, 2013

蒜爆雞塊 Garlic Fried Chicken

2013_03_08 Home Cooked Food 002a
When hubby sent me home the other day and left for office again, I only have a few garlic and 2 pieces of chicken at home. When you’re leaving nothing to cook, I guess we got to think of an alternative way to cook something different.

But come to think of it, it wasn’t that bad, and it was a pleasant taste and it was full of wok aroma. Method of cooking this dish wasn’t that difficult too. I was just simply took whatever I have in the fridge and marinate it.

Oyster sauce is a sauce that is comfort those cook that is lack of confident in their cooking. Well, am one of them and some how it turn out to be something that hubby loves it.

2 chicken thigh, chopped
1 bulb of garlic, about 10 to 14 cloves
2 tablespoon of oil

1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
2 tablespoon of light soya sauce

  1.   Wash and clean the chicken thigh
  2.   Marinate the meat with the marinades for about 20minutes
  3.   Removed the garlic’s skins and lightly press on each cloves
  4.   Heat the wok with 2 table spoons of oil
  5.   Throw in the garlic, lightly fried it till fragrant and lightly burn & brown too
  6.   Then after add in the marinated chicken into the wok
  7.   Without turning it, straight away I covered it with the lid for about 30 seconds
  8.   Lid off and stir the chicken lightly and covered it again
  9.   The mentioned process repeats for couple of times, this is to make sure the chicken is fully cooked
  10.  Once done, dish out and serve with steamed rice

2013_03_08 Home Cooked Food 004a 2013_03_08 Home Cooked Food 006a 

I am submitting this dish to Aspiring Bakers #28: Chicken Feast (February 2013) hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker.


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