Picco Polo Cafe

A new addition fusion cafe is set up in Penang that serves a vast variety of western, fusion and local delights. Apparently I was told their specialty is their home baked polo buns which I didn’t have a chance to try it out, perhaps another time. From the display, we could see they have original flavour that comes with butter and matcha flavour that pairs with matcha butter. A bit too fusion for our liking, but will definitely give it a try.


They are also serving simple American or French breakfast too, from breakfast to pasta, risotto, burgers and also Malaysians’ favorite Nasi Lemak. 

We didn’t really get to try their specialties but had their breakfast set on that day… more of a brunch for us.

A big breakfast that is less than RM30 (to be exact is RM24.90) is considered reasonable for us, excluding a cup of Americano  (RM9, hot). Seriously, the entire taste is kind of salty to our preference.


Croque Madame (The "croque" is pronounced somewhere in between "crock" and "croak." The "o" sound is slightly elongated, but not entirely and "madame" is pronounced "ma-daam.") that is a choice of sourdough or brioche, turkey ham, topped with poached eggs and bechamel that costs RM17.90 is honestly reasonable.

Why would it be called Croque Madame? When a sandwich is topped with a poached or lightly fried egg, the sandwich is called a croque madame, so it’s named because the egg is said to resemble a woman's hat. That particular sandwich name dates to about the year 1960. What a beautiful name, is it?

I’ve been missing Picolo Latte from Secawan Hutton which is currently closed for repair and maintenance work. Since Picco Polo has Picolo Latte (RM9), I wouldn’t want to miss it.


Italians name everything for a reason…. Piccolo translates into 'small' from Italian, but this drink isn't simply a small latte. The piccolo latte, or piccolo, as it is commonly referred to on coffee menus, is a small milk beverage that's typically served in a 3–4 oz/85–114 ml glass.  (source: https://perfectdailygrind.com/2020/03/what-is-a-piccolo-latte-how-do-i-make-it/). It’s absolutely perfect for my morning breakfast.


Besides the main meals, they also have a variety of pastries and choices of cakes to choose. Think we’ll come back for more. 


Address & Contact Number
284 Lebuh Pantai
Penang 10300
Tel: +604-226 2776