Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant 茘苑酒家


During my last visit in KL in October, hubby and I was exhausted and decided to land in this place for our dinner. That trip was basically to accompany hubby, as he has to attend a major exhibition.

We drove down to KL at about 11.45pm, and reached KL at about 3 something, with the traffic jams and so on, basically by the time we checked into our hotel is already 4 something. Settled down, change, and have a glass of water, by the time we reach KL Convention Centre is already 5pm. Thank goodness, we were staying in Traders Hotel which is next to the exhibition hall.

Seriously when you’re down in the hall, you didn’t realize the time was basically passing very fast, what people said it’s true – time flies!

Hubby was definitely excited about the exhibition that he’s longing to visit. By the time we stepped out from the hall, it’s already 8 plus, walked down to KL Suria for food without reservation is honestly a big headache for us.

Lingering around and wondering what to have for dinner, which added the tiredness with what we had from the day. Before we both could discuss what to have for dinner… we both just stepped into this place where we find it familiar to us and to our family too. Before I was armed with camera and owned a blog, we had a family holiday down here. And this was the 1st station for our meal for the day that time.

DSC_0291a DSC_0290a DSC_0287a DSC_0286a

That night, the restaurant is rather quiet, with only few tables occupied. Perhaps the food there has given the customers some doubtful taste? Or the price was the main culprit. After what we had glanced thru the menu, that bounced back to the S with 2 stroke. Ya, that’s right – the dollar sign ‘$’.

Well, for that moment, I told hubby, I just need a chair to sit down and a bowl of rice to fill up my hunger. Without any hesitation, I walked in without hubby nodded his head. I know I know… at times we women are way too much, but yet, don’t you hear this before? Hungry person is an angry person? [LOL]

Anyway, this place as I mentioned it gives fond memories for our family, beside, we were here once too. Thus, it’s not any stranger to us.

That moment we just want to have something fast, and warm to warmth our belly. We just have a quick order on the following dishes.


Spring Onion Venison (薑蔥鹿肉)


Kung Poh Chicken Dice (宮保雞丁)


Stir Fry Vegetables with Garlic (蒜炒時菜)

We both honestly enjoyed the meal and of course not to mention, the food is honestly as good as before.

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~Devi da Lil DeviL Photography~

Address & Contact Number
Lot No 413 & 414
4th Floor
Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2166 9881, +603-2166 9686


Little Inbox said…
what exhibition is that? btw, the venison looks nice...expensive? :P
Food For Tots said…
Another KL trip? Nice discovery!
~Christine~Leng said…
I seriously do not know about Spring Garden although I stay in KL *runs away and hide* looks nice!
babe_kl said…
Spring Garden is quite all right. I liked the fuss free set dinner which priced reasonabily.
Hi Little Inbox, what exhibition?? Well, by now, you should know after reading the post in my other blog, right? Price down there to Penangite is expensive, perhaps to KL folks are reasonable. There's always a price to pay, right?

Hi Food For Tots, ya lor...

Hi Christine, you sure??? It's in Suria KLCC.

Hi Babe_KL, yup, saw that in their menu. :)
Inspiring! Glad I found your blog.