7 Long Koay Teow

Those live in Penang may not know there's one famous Koay Teow Soup in Butterworth. It's actually off Jalan Raja Uda mainroad.

The shop actually operates from 7am to 5pm daily except Monday which is an off day. Especially on Sunday, you may have to come here early, as by 8am you'll see lots of people waiting for seats. Not only Sunday, lunch time is also pack with lots of office staff.

Many will like to order dry Koay Teow, of course you will see people ordering the soup type. You'll be surprised to see this dry Koay Teow actually is kinda soupy and it's not dark in colour. Some stall may add on dark soya source, where else this shop will not add anything like that.

Beside their main dishes, they also have side dishes like vegetables, chicken legs, lobak, and so on. What I would like to bring up is, the vegetable that we ordered, costs RM2.00 and damn that small plate.....

Oh ya, oh ya... those that particular on the cleanliness of the shop or surrounding. You would like this because it's clean and it has rated A for it cleanliness too.