Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant 民眾酒家

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 117a

Few weekends ago, drove down to Ipoh to attend my nephew’s wedding reception which was held in Pusing Public which Ipohan called it Mun Choong. I got to know from the older generation why they named it Pusing Public, it’s because the original branch was in Pusing, one of the small town in Perak. So, I presume it must have moved out from Pusing and thus name it Pusing Public.

Anyway, that’s my wild presumption. Best to check with older generation of Ipohan. But I can tell you that no doubt about it this is the place famous for wedding banquet. The food is large serving and it’s delicious too.

Don’ t believe me?? Check this out yourself.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 019
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 017a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 018

Four Seasons, that’s where it started the night dinner.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 035a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 039a

Followed by the Shark Fin Soup, this is the best so far I’ve tried. Lots of ingredients and it’s tasty too!!

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 049a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 051a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 045a

Duo flavour fishes, Black Pepper & Honey Glazed that Wrapped with Seaweed. This is something that I don’t normally see this in Penang. Look at the fish that they had de-boned it and made into these 2 flavours.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 062a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 061a

Steamed Kampong Chicken with Hong Kong Kailan. Something ordinary, but the oil that pour on this plate of kitchen that made it so juicy.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 089a

Mushrooms, Broccoli & Beancurd Skins with Abalone Sauce. Simple yet luxury. Abalone sauce mah!!

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 053a

Pusing Public signature dish – Pan Fried Big Headed Prawns. It’s a must to have whether you’re going for wedding banquet or normal meal.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 092a

Fried Glutinous Rice with Mandarin Sausages. Flavourful, and rich in ingredients.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 108a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 112a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 101a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 104a

Last, which everyone that expected one… dessert. Dried Longan & White Fungus dessert, with these Green Kaya Balls. Perfectly match!!

Address & Contact Number
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
No. G 57-65 Jalan Verasamy Ipoh
(Horley Road)
30300 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +605 2419 348, +605 2410 306, +605 2533 428


worldwindows said…
One of my favourite and an old icon in the food scene. Most f their food is of good quality and the prawns probably goes back a long way to Pusing!
Bushido said…
It all started in Pusing where the father became famous for cooking Tg Tualang prawns, Soon Hock fish,chilly crab & ngar poh taufoo.

The eldest son opened a branch in Batu Gajah, then shifted to Menglembu and finally closed down in failure,

The second son came to Ipoh, started at Jln Dato & later bought over Foong Lum restaurant where he stayed till the present day, He also bought over the elder son's failed restaurant & renamed it Rainbow.

The third son opened up Mun Chong in Jln Pasir Puteh in Ipoh & is quite established.

Interestingly, his chief cook broke away & opened up East Ocean Restaurant in Menglembu and is,IMHO, the best restaurant in Ipoh where good food ,good price & innovative menu is concerned. He has since opened a branch in Jln Tasek & Chemor and I heard, in Penang too.
ck lam said…
Everything looks so good...Cannot afford to let this place go by. Already put this in my makan list... thanks for sharing.
Big boys Oven said…
hahahhaha shall we meet up and have a makan2 long weekend in Ipoh! :)
cariso said…
Mushrooms, Broccoli & Beancurd Skins with Abalone Sauce - this one really caught my attention! :p
Unknown said…
wow... foods look awesome!
foodbin said…
i like their "monk jump over the wall".
Anonymous said…
even ordinary dining, pusing mun chong serves good food and reasonable price...
Little Inbox said…
Yup, really huge servings. I would love to try the green kaya balls, looks so good!
email2me said…
Ipoh sure got some nice hidden treasure old school restaurants which need us to explore. :D
erinalaw said…
Pusing is a very small town not too far away from Batu Gajah but they have good food there also. Not sure the nice thongsui still sell at the market area.
gill gill said…
yea, ipoh chinese restaurant's food is surprisingly good. Especially for wedding banquet. i had once in Dong Hoi 东海 few years ago. Yet no one in PG can compete closely with them (quality & taste).
Hi Worldwindows, yes you're right.

Hi Bushido, wow... thanks for the brief history. That helps a lot for the readers to know where were they came from.

Hi CK, yup, don't forget to visit this place when you're in Ipoh.

Hi BBO, sure!! Let's meet up!! hahahaha...

Hi Cariso, really??? Not the shark fin ah?

Hi Food Paradise, yup!! no doubt about it.

Hi Foodbin, is it good??

Hi SimpleGirl, yup!! I've tried couple of times down there. Compared to Overseas Chinese Restaurant, their price is more reasonable.

Hi Little Inbox, that's too sweet, la pal!

Hi email2me, yup!!

Hi Erina, I don't even there's a small town named Pusing till my old folks told me. :)

Hi Gill, I totally agree with you!!!
jason said…
Seriously, I think even some of the hotel banquet restaurants in KL are not on par with Pusing Public.
buzzingbee said…
wah really big portion and the looks are pleasing enough!!!