Cempedak Butter Cake

I have been a cempedak fan for a long time, I always love to eat Cempedak Goren / Fritters.  But recently many bakers turn it to Cempedak Cake and it has managed to capture many glutens’ heart and stomach. Honestly, it was my first time trying on this and it turns out to be everyone compliment comments on my Facebook. It was indeed an honor.

Well, here’s the recipe which I’ve slightly twit from JeannieTay’s Blog.

  • 250g unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 160g soft brown sugar (as the fruit is already sweet by itself, thus, I cut down the sugar intake)
  • 5 eggs (65g, A1 egg), room temperature
  • 250g plain flour (all-purpose flour or rose flour)
  • 1 tsp double-acting baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 40g full cream milk
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 250g Cempedak (weigh without seed) cut into tiny pieces
  • 8” square pan

  1. Preheat oven to 150°C for 20 minutes. Bake on 2nd rack counting from the bottom. Line an 8” square pan. Sift flour and baking powder together.
  2. In the stand mixer with paddle attachment, cream butter, salt, and sugar until light and pale. Add eggs 1 by 1, beating well after each addition. Add in a tablespoon of flour after each egg if the mixture curdled.
  3. Add vanilla extract then add half the flour and milk and beat on low speed until well incorporated. Add the remaining flour and mix again. Lastly, fold in the cempedak and mix until combined.
  4. Pour into prepared pan and smoothen the surface before baking.
  5. Bake 170°C for 1 hour. Once done, use a skewer to insert into the center of the bake, it should come out clean, with no streaks of batter.  


Sing Kong Yuen said…
Thank you for sharing your recipe. I don't bake. I liked the cempedak butter cake baked by my friend Sylvia yesterday, 25 July 2020. I did not ask how many grams of cempedak she used but the cake, similar to yours in shape, had a cempedak fragrance. I did a google search and saw your post---it is not easy to bake such a cake. Best wishes.
emy said…
Hi! I tried your recipe. My cempedak cake turns so good!!! ❤️ From penang