Kulim Restoran Kolam Ikan 魚塘小食館

Errr… how do I start this post?? I was brought to this place without knowing where is it, not even can recall the direction to this place, neither can I remember what fishes that we had ordered.

By reading the above expressions, I guess you could guess that I was overjoyed and excited over the food. Those fishes that we had ordered it was so fresh that you can't resist to eat it all at one goal. [LOL]

Honestly, it was some where in Kulim, and I remember I need to drive pass a 'jungle', and this place was interviewed by Jason from Astro. I guess with that publicity, there are lot more customers came and visit this place.

We were told these dogs are the helper in guarding the fishes that they breed. They are tame & discipline during the day, but fierce and wild at night. When you look at those muds at the pond, you will be wondering will those fish fresh and nice. That's how we judge everything by the cover of the book, huh?!

Seriously, can't recall what we had ordered, but basically we order their specialties, steam fish and the tomyam paste.

Most of the place if they deep fried a fish, they will not remove the bone for you. But this place to my surprise, they remove everything and that has actually minimize certain risks for a clumpsy customer, isn't it?
We ordered an extra plate of vegetables, in case we didn't have enough of those yummilicious fishes... The vege that they served are crunchy, I bet those are fresh ones.

With this picture above, I guess I need not to say more about it, right? You could imagine how delicious, how yummilicious, how fresh are those dishes that we ate!!!

Shall re-visit them again, this round I'll sure memorize the direction to this place!!!

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Address & Contact Number
Restoran Kolam Ikan 魚塘小食館
No:168, Seberang Sungai
Kampung Baru
Sungai Kub
09000 Kulim, Kedah.


Sugar Bean said…
The tomyam fish should be really delicious! Since they have their own pond, their fish should be really fresh!
ling239 said…
eeeeee mudding water fish !!
shouldn't have look at the pond ~ XD
Anonymous said…
Hahaha...the restaurant owner is my x colleague's husband...He learn cooking from Japan. They have "pat tin" fish, "luk suk gong","yu pien",...He do all by his own from cutting the fish, prepare the sauces, and cooking. Yes, they keep a lot of stray dogs, as their patrol guard...
yammylicious said…
FISH!!!! kulim quite far and sure sesat hahax!
omg sound so fresh!! yammmm~
Christina Kim said…
I know this place too as I have been brought by my colleagues there too!! At first, I was just like you....dunno how did I end up there; only know that I went through jungles to get there and seriously, I was surprised when I saw the environment.
Anyway, for your info, this place is Sg Kob:)

One thing though, I didn't like the flies there...really scary!!
Hi Sugarbean, yup... fresh and delicious.

Hi Ling239, hehehe... me too when I first looked at it... so yuckky...

Hi Celine, wow... your ex-colleague's hubby kah??? Hehee... got special discount ah next time we visit?

Hi Joe,... ya ya ya... if you like fish...

Hi Yummilicious, I dahh sesat la!! Only know how to take pictures and eat, don't even know how to get there... :D

Hi Christy, I was told the flies have improved a lot already lor....
Jackson said…
wow.... u travel all the way to Kedah!!! i wan fish!!
Cynthia said…
No you do not need to say anything else, the pic says it all :)
Sharon Y. said…
Would love to check out this fish-licious restaurant but scared sesat. The dishes look good. Maybe just need to turn away from the pond when walking in :P
HairyBerry said…
tomyam paste and fresh fish, wow! bet it taste really good...great with white rice, ya!
Hi Jackson, very near, no worries, going thru B'worth - Kulim Expressway, it takes only 30mins.

Hi Cynthia, hehehehe... :) Those pictures tell it all....

Hi Durianberry, ... ya la, the pond is so scary, hor??

Hi Nic, thks for dropping by, hope to see you more often. Yup, good with white rice... :D
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
They never offer any discount as far as I know from my other friends also, haha...Cool
Precious Pea said…
I tot the muddier the water, the better the fish cos it looks like its actual habitat. Anyway...i would love to try this place out. I watch that episode...but this place too far away for me. :(
ai wei said…
on TV before, must be nice! they have their own pond, must be very fresh
Anonymous said…
Hahaha....ya, the waters looks kinda muddy! But the plate was wiped clean so the fish should not have that muddy taste :p, right?
wmw said…
Guess you are in a fishy mood! Hehehe
Anonymous said…
I guess you're the first one to venture into Kedah among us! :)
Hi Sabrina Khan, Ok, shall look into it.

Hi Celine, ai ya... was hoping to get some discount... ;P

Hi Precious Pea, is it? I never know that... only know how to eat them. hahahaha...

Hi Ivy, yes it is very fresh!!

Hi Tigerfish, to our surprise, doesn't taste a single of those muddy.

Hi WMW, hmmm, fishy mood!!?? hahahahaha [LOL]

Hi Jason, this wasn't the first place that I went in Kulim. If you notice, I went to Kulim for Wantan Mee too (that's in one of my post).
KOKahKOK said…
i was there before....cheap and nice but....so "guilty" la...seeing the fish haha
Hi KOKahKOK, thks from dropping by. Hope to see you more often. Ya, first thought was guilty, then after, tidak apa rasa... makan first! hahahaha :D
SP Lim said…
Great blog, quite a difficult place to find for the first-timers.
Hi LSPeng, Thank you!! Hope to see you more often.

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