Harry's B1 Korean Restaurant

Have been wanted to try on Korean Cuisine many times, but many times failed. Well, today, I have my old time friends (formal ex-colleagues) to join me on this adventurous gathering.

3 of us have not tried Korean Cuisine, and also have not visited Korea either. So, we thought by trying this we may know can we actually visit Korea in our tour plan.

Funny thought, isn't it? Well, who cares, after we girls enjoyed the company and the food. We chose this Harry's B1 from Auto City as our testing ground.
Why? Errr.... actually I don't know, but just out of curiosity to try that's all.

Here are the interior and menu.... on a whole, the food is kinda pricey. For example a BBQ set for 2 persons costs RM88++. Expensive, hor?? Nothing much, but chicken, pork and unagi that's all....

We were actually do have language problems when we made our order. We thought the captain came to us was a Korean, and 3 of us were thinking we'll sure have problems in communicating. Sure enough, we did.

After all the orders that we have made, WC (my ex-colleague) asked the captain, 'Are you Korean?'

Hehehehee... guess what he answered?
'No, am Myanmar.'

We were puzzled and started to laugh. A Korean restaurant hired a Myanmar person to take charge of the restaurant. I find it a bit of amuse, am not sure about you.

Anyway, ... we have ordered a BBQ set for 2 persons and 'Korean PanCake' (Bindaeddeok), noddle and toufoo.

WC thought of order extra Kimchi, then, this captain told her that Kimchi is part of the side dishes that they will serve with the BBQ set.

When they served the 'Korean PanCake' (Bindaeddeok), we were thinking why pancake, but then, I remembered KampongBoyCityGal have briefly post about it in their blog.

Honestly, none of us know are the appertizer or side dishes for the BBQ...
They also served us salad ... if am not wrong, it taste like Thousand Island salad dressing.

After all these, they took this burn charcoal and to barbeque the marinated various type of meat.Oh ya, this is one of the toufoo that they served as side dish (I think). The steam egg is soft in texture, but those on the surface, we gals can't figure out what is that.... it taste like some kind of herbs.
Okay, here are the "barbequed" meats... What we did was wrapped with vege and eat. I personally like the bacon (port slice) very much, as well as the unagi.

Oh ya, before I forget, all in all the price that we have paid was about RM124 plus taxes. Do you find this pricey?

Address & Contact Number
Harry's B1 Korean BBQ
Attn: Ms. Hae Ree (Mobile: 012-5577741)
1815-G1 Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange
13600 Prai, Penang
Tel: 04-5010001/ 5010003
Fax: 04-5010002


IronEaters said…
I love korean food ,esp their spicy bulgogi! But one thing is that they are not very healthy as the meat is grilled and i always find those black bit among them..=(
but yea, i still eat them =)

RM124 perhaps is abit steep in Malaysia? I don't know about the price range back home for those food =P

nice pics btw!
Hi Ironeaters. Thks for dropping by and giving me the encouragement.
Yes, you're right, when I see those black bit on those meat, I can imagine those can turn out to be 'aliens' to our body.
But then who cares, ... for once, just wanna try it out in our life time.
Anonymous said…
Woaa... grilled unagi! Drooling already!
ooopys... let me get you a hanky!!
Anonymous said…
wah lao eh.. RM124?! For that kind of food? That's outrageously expensive, I will never ever dine here

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