Starbucks, Auto City

This is one of my post-dated post, which I attended gathering with my ex-colleagues in Harry's B1 then after proceed to the next door ~ Starbucks.
Knowing me, I can't resist any cheese cake if I see one, regardless of it's taste, texture, or whatsoever. I'll grab it first then only comment. Bad behaviour, hor?
Anyway, 3 of us sitting down there, nothing to do but to chat and to catch up for what we have missed out.
Would like to take this post to share the summer drink that Starbucks is promoting right now. I've tried the ice blended Raspberry drink before but the picture showed above is Mango. (Advertisement from the Starbucks' website)

This is another drink which is selling over the counter, heard from WC that it tastes good, and it's not that sweet either.
Address & Contact Number
Juru Auto City, Phase 3
Plot 4-2, Jalan Perusahaan Highway Auto-city
North-South Highway Juru Interchange
13600 Prai
Tel: 04-502 1879


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