Hakka Connexion, Bawasah Road

When you’re over work and hardly have time for your family, will you feel guilty about it? Well, I do. That’s why I took a half day off just to spend time with hubby.

While we were driving down to town, we both were thinking where to eat and what to eat. Cuz, at that point in time, we both have no idea where to go… so, we were driving around in town, and look for food. Then suddenly I told hubby why don’t we go for Hakka food.

I’ve been noticing this small little shop, whenever am around that area. I was told this row of buildings used to be residential and it has been converted to business use right now. If it's not because of the Rent Act 1966 that put in placed and fully implemented, we believe there are many tenants that renting these places with minimum rental will not move out.

Anyway, the food offer down here is minimum, of course, they have those typical Hakka food like 客家麵, 豬肉丸, 豬筋丸, 豬腳醋, 客家擂茶, 酿豆腐, etc.
The place though is rather small but it’s comfortable. The feeling of dining in is like having dinner or lunch at home. I hope I am not exaggerated [LOL].
Ok, let’s see what we have taken, ok?? 2 bowls of Hakka noodle (客家麵).
All the pork meat balls (豬肉丸, 豬筋丸).

And, a plate of bean sprouts.

And, of course 2 bowls of dessert. All in, we only spent about RM16 net without the 15% taxes.

It’s not easy to find an authentic Hakka Cuisine in Penang, if you ever thought of going for a Hakka meal, do consider this place.

Food Review
Address & Contact Number
No. 3, Jalan Bawasah
10050 Penang
Tel: +60 16-435 6463 / +60 16-450 6085


daphne said…
oh gosh. Hakka food! what an excellent choice. I haven't had this for years! The noodles look saucy and the mince was generous?
and what a nice wife u r to take 1/2 day off to spend time with your hubby. =)
Coketai said…
Big thanks, big thank to you!! Finally I found something I miss for long time --- the Hakka Noodle!!! I am Hakka and my father use to cook this type of noodle when he is around but since he pass away few year back, I have not able to find the good hakka mee, bnot in Penang but now I know where to grap my lovely noodle!

Big thanks again,

Rasa Malaysia said…
Where is this Bawasah Road in Penang. Just came back from Penang...hectic trip, but do check out my site, have some Penang posts up. Hehe. :)
~Christine~Leng said…
I love hakka noodles! Used to have hakka noodles frequently near my place,but now no more! closed down :(
allocating time for your hubby, aw... so sweet!
yammylicious said…
hakka pork leg!! sedap~
arGGgGgg so hungry now!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I never realize there's a Hakka food restaurant. And I wonder whether I did pass by Bawasah Road or not? Reasonable price, I would say. Tasty?
Hi Daphne, Thks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often. Me? Good wife?? Nah... pretend to be good only! hahahahha.... BTW, the noodle is good!!!

Hi Coketai, don't mention. I never you're Hakka. Glad that this post does bring you to the memory lane.

Hi Rasa M'sia, Bawasah Road is actually behind the current Giant in Burmah, the former Fima Plaza. Visited your blog, and those food porn are killing me la!!! :D

Hi Christine, is it?? No chance to snap a few of those pictures before it closes down?

Hi Yummilicious, thks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often. Hehehe.... like I said not much choice to select, so, I didn't really notice whether they have Hakka Pork Leg or not??

Hi Celine, yes, reasonable price. Taste wise, this is better than the one in Sungai Nibong where they claimed they are from Kampar Hakka. After tasting them, still find this one better. The latest I know was, this shop belongs to Ong Pau Nee's son. And the shop is full of Hakka's history. Worth visit.
Sugar Bean said…
I am Hakka and I like 客家麵 and 客家擂茶 a lot. But I can't seem to find good 客家麵 in KL. I really should ask around!
wmw said…
I loved Hakka dishes, except Hakka Lui Char??? Oh by the way, my bro wants to know where's a good place for seafood in Penang? Can help with some tips??? Thanks!
Hi Sugarbean, I dont like Hakka Lui Char also. There's one Hakka restaurant in KL City Centre. And it's quite famous.

Hi WMW, a quick one would be those seafood eatery shops in Bukit Tambun. In Penang Island, he can try drive all the way down to Teluk Bahang (need to pass thru Batu Ferringhi), where Penangite called them End of the World. When he reaches that, he'll be seeing a small round about at Teluk Bahang town (that's after Penang Mutiara, now Continental. BTW, under reno right now). Take a 3 o'clock turn, and drive all the way down, he'll see a police station on his right and right after that, take a left turn, he'll see lots of seafood shops there. I was told those are reasonable price. Another place is called Hokkaido located in Bagan Jermal which is opposite a school call Pu Thee Secondary School. This price is a bit pricey, but good quality seafood. Errr... another place would be on the way to Batu Feringghi, opposite a construction site, few km before a hotel call Tanjong or before the escalated highway, there's a seafood restaurant also. Ah Pang or something like that... haven't try, but was told it was pretty good and cheap. Errr.... where else.... oh ya, another is call Tai Pak Kong temple... that am not sure where, I heard of it... 5xMom aka M'sia Best blogged about it before. Hope all these helps!!! And, ya... enjoy the trip!
Anonymous said…
Where is Bawasah Road actually? In town? Near where? I like heard about this restaurant before.
Hi Nicholas, it's behind the Burmah Road Giant supermarket. The former Fima or Penang Plaza building.
Anonymous said…
Well, the hakka noodle is OK, but not the Lui Char. The soup is too salty plus no taste of mint. I do not think they have a qualify cook to prepare the meals. All I can see that the shop is run by couple of indomaid-look alike staffs. How good the food can be?
Anonymous said…
hah... My family and I went there this afteroon for lunch. My hubby doesn't like the Lui Cha at this place because he doesn't the Minty Soup which is strong.Anyway, he dislikes mint in anything but he's fine with the Lui Cha rice mix. Just like eating salad. I prefered the noodles, abacus, Hock Chew Fish Balls & Yong Tau Foo...
Anonymous said…
Hi! I'm Ms Lim from Hakka Connexion,formerly from Jalan Bawasah. It is very nice to be able to continue reading a nice review from you. I was away in KL for over a year, and GUESS WHAT... I am back in Penang - serving the same menu, almost... at my humble little eatery at the following address:

NT89, Carnarvon Street, Penang (Opposite the Georgetown Heritage Centre)

Opening Hrs: 8 AM to 2 PM
(Closed on Tuesdays)

Contact No: 016 435 6463

Please do come by to visit me when time permits.


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