Home Cook Fish Head Noodle 魚頭米粉

I have not been putting any effort this week and last on my blog. Not any other reason but I have been busy at work and even worked over the weekends. And, not because of am neglecting this, but I couldn’t spare any time to maintain it. But am glad I do see comments from you guys. And these comments are the encourages that keep me moving.

Ok, let’s talk about Fish Head Noodle this time.

Remember I blogged about the best Steamboat in Butterworth (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐), that’s the place for Fish Head noodle as well. And, per bowl costs us RM7-00. Though is very big portion, however, we consumer will ask, does it really need to spend RM7-00 just for a bowl of Fish Head noodle?

So, what I did was, I cooked the same soup base as theirs and here it turns out to be. And hubby finds it almost the same as 紫薇園魚頭火炭爐 in Raja Uda.
First, I deep fried those fish head, fish meats and the yam as well. Once done, put the yam in the pot and boil for 2 to 3 hours, plus the fish bones, pork bones, fish meats. Once it’s almost done, what I did was, I add some condensed milk into the soup base. And, that turns out to be this delicious looking soup. [LOL]
Having fish head noodle best is having thick rice vermicelli (米粉), some people will go for thin one and some will go for maggi noodle. Since, I was following the same as the outlet, I’ll go for the thick rice vermicelli.
Well, … here comes my home cook fish head vermicelli (魚頭米粉), isn’t it nice? Drool, huh???
Oh yes, what’s famous in that place was their soup base and their chilies. Chop lots of garlics, chilies, and add lime to it. This is the one and only one that accomplish the delicious 魚頭米粉.


Sweet Jasmine said…
wow..clever copycat...looks so tempting and delicious..would try to cook it once i got to buy fish..
Anonymous said…
Hey, good job! I like the soup base.
ling239 said…
condensed milk....
i tot the non-sweeten milk was used :p
yammylicious said…
aww thw soup base look good!! arrrggg i wan some....
~Christine~Leng said…
I'm drooling already!
All of a sudden, feel like having a bowl of fish head noodle for lunch! ;)
Christy said…
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Christina Kim said…
Agree! RM7 is kinda expensive for fish head noodles; furthermore up north:p
Anyway, you did a pretty great job yourself!! Bravo!!:D
Hi Sweet Jasmine, hehehe... thks for the compliment.

Hi Celine, thk u.

Hi Ling239, the lighten condensed milk. Some use non-sweeten milk also.

Hi Yammilicious, hahahaa... come!!

Hi Christine, good to have fish head noodle when is cold.

Hi Christy, thk u thk u... :)
daphne said…
nice nice! i miss this..u r really good at this..tasting and then making it at home!
Cynthia said…
Oh yeah, uh huh, I like :)
Sugar Bean said…
Wow, it looks delicious, good job! And the chili would made it perfect!
Hi Daphen, no la... just try and error only. :)

Hi Cynthia, have you tried this?

Hi Sugar Bean, yes, the chili make this perfect.
tigerfish said…
I have not eaten this for a long long, long long time. Now it's home cook, it's even more welcoming.