Royal Bay Beach Club, Pangkor Laut Resort, Day 1

I guess no one would find this place a stranger, everyone in the world is aware of this island. Even the late Luciano Pavarotti is in love with this paradise island. Well … so do I.

Hubby planned this vacation in conjunction with the Citibank Holiday Promotion. And, he thought it would be a good deal for a stress free break for me, especially lately I’ve been under tremendous working stress.

I have actually took lots of pictures on this island, whether is on the beach, on the villa, at the Spa Village, during meal time, swimming pools, coconut trees, and so on.

The package is actually a 3 days 2 nights package that costs RM799 nett per person and it’s inclusive of 3 meals. 1st meal is started from the lunch and it ends on the breakfast on the 3rd day.

When we arrived on the island, it’s already 3pm, after sending us to our Hill Villa, it was pretty late to have our lunch. And, with that reason, nothing much we can choose from the menu. The waitresses kept telling this is sold out or that is sold out.

Well, at least we could choose 1 appetizer, 1 main course and the dessert, though the choices were limited.
I ordered a Caesar Salad for myself, a spaghetti with tomato sauce for the main course and a Tiramisu for the dessert. Honestly, there’s nothing to shout about for the main course, but for the appetizer it wasn’t tasted that bad. As for the dessert, I guess I prefer Bakerzin’s Tiramisu.
While waiting for food to be served, I saw a peacock sauntering around with nobody’s business at Royal Bay Beach Club; the venue where I took my lunch on my arrival day. I have never have such experience that I can see a peacock sauntering around like that while you’re having your meal.
Hubby actually ordered this Asparagus Salad with Fig and Goat Cheese for appetizer. A smoked salmon pizza for the main course and last, the only Tiramisu for dessert. I could see he wasn’t enjoy the appetizer, cuz, he can’t figure out something sweet for a starter. In fact, neither do I. [LOL]
The pizza dough was like uncooked, and it was tasteless as well. Hubby didn’t even finish the plate of pizza.

So, wanna know what we had for dinner…??? Was it good compare to the lunch?? Well, stay tune …

/… to be continued


ai wei said…
the peacock is beautiful! did u found any feather of it?! i hope to have its feather!!!
Cynthia said…
Without you even saying it I could tell that the pizza dough was not cooked through.

Can't wait to hear more :)
Sweet Jasmine said…
wow...such heavenly and beautiful place....but with such poor food...thay should have better chefs over there....
ling239 said…
the tiramisu look very much like a flourless chocolate cake with a scope of vanila ice cream.... =.="
yammylicious said…
love the ceaser salad!! but is weird to go wif satay hor?! =)
daphne said…
the pizza dough certainly looks uncooked and they weren't too generous with the smoked salmon either.. hope your dinner was better!
Precious Pea said…
When i saw the picture of the pizza before reading the description, i was wondering why so white? Gosh...should complain you know.

The peacock so beautiful, maybe it was trying to entertain you two, live performance!
~Christine~Leng said…
wow.. having lunch at such a beautiful place! bet you enjoyed your time with your hubby!
can see peacock some more! ^^
wmw said…
Aiyah! The pizza looks like it was not even cooked at all! Didn't you send it back???
Lingzie said…
that is one weird looking pizza!! the dough looks uncooked and i don't see any cheese! it looks like they topped a pita bread with some smoke salmon! hope you had better stuff for the rest of the trip!
Hi Ai Wei, nope, I dont think the hotel management allow that. Yes, it was so beautiful.

Hi Cynthia, :)

Hi Jasmine, another reason is because we were late for our lunch. By the time we reached the island it's already 3pm.

Hi Ling239, yup, you're right.

Hi Yummylicious, it was kinda of weird for a start, but then after am ok.

Hi Daphne, oh yes.. my dinner was absolutely satisfied.

Hi Precious, complain?? Never thought of that also... hahahaha...

Hi Christine, yes, indeed... was an enjoyable one.

Hi WMW, no lor!!! Silly me, huh?? Don't even thought of complaining also.

Hi Lingzie, ya huh, come to think of it, where's the cheese????
Celine said…
Too bad with the pizza, nvm, just enjoy the environment, and relax...
Anonymous said…
hi nkotb, first of all cool nick! lol :)

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you have some really great posts about food. all the best!

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