Feast Village, Pangkor Laut Resort

After a short rest in our Hill Villa, we walked down to Feast Village for our dinner. The package that we purchased from Citibank is inclusive of 3 meals a day, which I mentioned earlier. And only a few outlets participating this promotion, one of them is Feast Village, where you could have your daily breakfast down here, starting from 7.30am to 10.30am, and as well as set dinner. Apart from here, Royal Bay Beach Club is another place for lunch which we had our lunch after checked in.

The resort would encourage their guests to have a reservation before you dine. So, they will have a desk at the reception where they arrange and accept your reservation for your dinner.

We decided to go to Feast Village cuz it’s nearer to our villa and we need not to walk for a distance.

The moment we sat down at our table, the waitress gave us the menu for the night. That night they served Western Set, Malay Set and Japanese Set. I chose Japanese Set without 2nd thought, and hubby went for Western Set.

The waitress was courtesy enough to explain to us that Western set will serve dish by dish where as, Japanese set will serve all at one time.

I was delighted someone was so courtesy and understand the Customer Satisfaction kind of philosophy.

Anyway, dinner is so much better than the lunch earlier. At least everything is well cooked. Hahahahaha….
My Japanese set was something that consists of raw tuna, some unagi, deep fried vegetables, a dessert.
Hubby's Western set was a soup and bake bread for a starter, follow by a nutmeg sorbet. I wonder why sorbet did not serve after all meals.

Main course was given 3 choices to pick, among that was BBQ Chicken, Beef and Grill Fish. Hubby chose Grill Fish, cuz, that's his liking.

After the main course, the final one of course is the dessert. When they sent the dessert over, I still do not have any idea what kind of dessert is this. When I show the picture to my sister, guess what she told me, it was a peacock. They made the ice cream into a peacock shape. Isn't that marvelous??

After the dinner.... it's another slow walk back to our villa...

/... to be continued


Precious Pea said…
The dinner definitely looks much better than the lunch! As for the sorbet, normally they serve after the appetizer. It's for you to clean your palate to prepare you for the next dish.
daphne said…
i'm with precious pea about the sorbet too! and that jap meal certainly looks very good!
Sugar Bean said…
Wow, Pangkor Laut is a really nice place for a holiday! I'm sure you had a great time! The Japanese food looks good too!
Sweet Jasmine said…
At last you got nice food...at dinner....the japanese dishes looks so colourful....
Hi Precious Pea, Oh I see... thks ya.

Hi Daphne, thk u.

Hi Sugarbean, oh yes... oh yes... if the package still exist, plan to go back again....

Hi Cynthia, plan to visit this island??

Hi Sweet Jasmine, yup... finally.