Uncle Lim's Cafe, The Curve

This is the first time I brought my family here for breakfast some time last year end. Apart from bread toast, they have nasi lemak and KL curry laksa.

I supposed this is a typical kopitiam style of business.

What my family had was nasi lemak. Mom said it was pretty lemak and the curry was pretty good as well.

As for the KL style curry laksa, dad said it was very big bowl and he doesn’t advise for small eater to order a bowl. Taste wise, dad said it was just ok. Knowing him, I guess he prefers Penang curry, and not something like this.

While others were enjoying those nasi lemak and curry laksa, I was having my favourite popiah. Though this is not as good as I like most in Ipoh Old Town, however, this is consider one of the good one already.

Hmmm,... after 2 rolls of popiah and a cup of black coffee. What a great day ahead!!

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Address & Contact Number
Ikano Power Centre (Ikea) P1 (LG level)

Subang Parade GF Coffee Beans entrance
Tel: 03-56314188

Sunway Pyramid GF Main Entrance
Tel: 03-74910518

Times Square 1st Flr near Metro Jaya entrance
Tel: 03-21447558


Anonymous said…
i have never been to uncle lim kopitiam but all kopitiam's menu is likely the same so i don't really bother unless i just want to get a coffee fix.
J2Kfm said…
I've been to the one in Ikano, i think. the coffee/toasts were passable. typical kopitiam style. wonder why most kopitiam's food are meagre affairs.
remidns me i got uncle lim pictures somewhere...
Anonymous said…
I'm so gonna have popiah in Ipoh this weekend :)
Anonymous said…
the nasi lemak taste good...
Kent Fo said…
i like their nasi lemak as well!!!

Lolx.I long time didn't go there already.But nowadays got alot "uncle" cafe or restaurant...
Hi Renaye, welcome to my blog. Yes, you're right. All Kopitiam's food are almost the same, it's like Hong Kong Kopitiam too.

Hi j2kfm, hahahahha... no comment.

Hi Joe, so, when will you be sharing then?

Hi Jason, ai yo yo.... which stall? The one at Canning Garden road side or Ipoh Old Town Kong Heng Coffee Shop??? Oooh... that make me drooling now...

Hi Squall, :)

Hi Kent, welcome to my blog. Good, visit more often. :)

Hi Jeromefo, is it so??
Mummy In Vain said…
seems like this is a very famous place...coz i read abt Uncle Lim's kopitiam in a few blogs already. Really nice ar?
Little Inbox said…
Among all the food, the nasi lemak looks the best!
ling239 said…
nobody stop u from taking picture of the food ?
there is a sticker on the glass wall mentioning no taking photo of the place :p
Hi Mommy in Vain, errr... ok la...

Hi Little Inbox, yup, the nasi lemak is a better choice.

Hi Ling239, heheehe... no wor... I actually didn't realize until I saw the notice on the wall... then after immediately stop taking pictures. :P