Day 2 Breakfast at The Taste, Westin Langkawi

This is our day 2 breakfast in Westin Langkawi, and it’s also the last breakfast that we are going to have it here.

Don’t know am I missing home or I am missing Pangkor Laut Resort, the feeling that am having down here, is so much different from what I had in Pangkor Laut Resort. I can still remember that vividly.
Oh yes, have anyone come across buffet breakfast serves sparking wine? Well, I personally have not come across, in fact, this is the first hotel that I ever discovered. Surprise to see that, huh?

Again, we didn’t have much for day 2. We took something that could fill up our stomach then after we proceed to check out.
Since day 1 I didn’t have porridge for breakfast, I had one bowl for that day morning. Of course, all these can’t compared with our home cook porridge, however, it isn’t that bad with our own adds on like salted egg, spring onions, sesame oil and so on.
After that, I had a sunny upside egg, with chicken sausages, baked beans and potato. The potato isn’t taste nice at all… and the colour is some kind of weird to me. Or was I adventurous enough to get one to try on, huh? [LOL]
Croissant is always hubby’s favourite. He’ll never give it a miss.

In fact the buffet in Westin is the same, there’s no change on those things that they served. Thus, hubby didn’t really into this buffet in fact.
He got himself a Roti Canai, and he was commenting that he could make better than this. I was really laughing out loud on that.
And a plate of dim sum that ends our breakfast in The Taste, Westin Langkawi.


ling239 said…
the gray color thingy to the top left is potato ? @_@
CK Lam said…
Sparking wine served during breakfast is new to me too...are there many people taking it?
Oooo Sparkling wine in the morning...pretty luxurious. But Westin KL serving champagne for brunch at a whopping RM168 if not mistaken.

aih...*walk away sadly after looking at ur pictures and comparing it with a cup of tasteless oats*...aih....
Hi Ling239, ya la!! Lost appetite hor?

Hi CK Lam, that's new to me too. I see quite a number of tourist took that sparkling wine.

Hi Cokeworld Citizen, long time no see. I've not stay in Westin KL before, will definitely find a time to visit. But RM168 is kinda expensive la!
Yeah long time no see. Today would only be the day I could visit all the blogs in my blog list. When school reopen, all hell breaks loose :P
Big Boys Oven said…
looks very nice, great to have such when I wake up in the morning!
minchow said…
Still looks like something worth getting out of bed for, despite that very unappealing lump of grey hash brown :-)
Shell (貝殼) said…
oohh,me very hungry now^^
i only ate two slices of roti today =.=!!
Little Inbox said…
Hmm... looking at your post, it reminds me I have not post my buffet breakfast in Le Blason Colmar Tropicale. May be later la, cuz nothing special.
Hi Cokeworld Citizen, well, that's what we called LIFE. :)

Hi BBO, yup, but this only have it once in awhile.

Hi 550ml jar of faith, hahahahaha... true also.

Hi Shell, ai yo... poor thing.

Hi Little Inbox, then what are you waiting for?? Post pls!!
molly said…
The dim sum looked good. Should goes well with the sparkling juice, I think, ha if there's no tea.
ai wei said…
wow! how come they serve such a great breakfast buffet?! the resort i stayed while i was in langkawi last time... their breakfast... aiks... repeated the same n same for days. 'Xian' ar
Hi Moly, in fact, they dont have chinese tea, but english tea or coffee.

Hi Ivy, which hotel were you staying?
Kobie Vanessa said…
wow! nice food! I love food!!heheh..Dropping by to say Hi :)

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