Mr. Pot Coffee & Toast

Seriously, you have no worries if you are starving in this island – The Pearl of Orient. Well, guess nobody will care for what am going to explain why… reason is just so simple, you can find food anywhere in the island, and you can have it around the clock.

Now that Wi-Fi has become many households’ requirements, and certain bistro & café also get it fix due to customers’ requests. And you’ll see more of these people eating at these outlets too.

Not sure is this the first outlet that serving 24 hours food for gluttons and surfers, but this is one of the hot spot for us who wants food and surfing at the same time.

Let’s cut the craps, … it was late afternoon after running the weekly errands, hubby and I running out of idea what to have for lunch, in fact a late lunch.

It’s just happened that we drove passed this place and have never ever thought of trying. But this time, it was so spontaneous, we both just parked our car outside the outlet and walked in with starving belly.

Though late lunch, we didn’t want to torture ourselves by having something miserable. So, we have 1 Wantan Hor (滑蛋河) for myself and, Hokkien Char (福建炒) for hubby.

We both were impressed with the food taste, and it’s full of Wok Hei (鑊氣). And the amount of food that serving isn’t miserable too.

Well, since it’s late lunch we also have an extra toast to keep us fill up, otherwise, as you know a hungry person is an angry person.

A toast with a cup of Mr Pot’s White Coffee, something to keep your mind occupy by enjoying the coffee aroma.

I wasn’t in the mood for coffee that afternoon, but a glass of Mango Juice instead. Well, isn’t that bad at all after all, it does help in cooling you down on a hot weather!

I’ve not been the Gurney Drive outlet, but this outlet will definitely not easy to miss, just check out these babies on top of the wall. Got that?

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Address & Contact Number
Gurney Branch
124C, Persiaran Gurney
10350 Georgetown
Tel: +604-2288 303


Little Inbox said…
Usually I feel quite lazy travel to town, hehe...
J2Kfm said…
funny having those 'babies' crawling precariously on the cliff.
Anonymous said…
the Hokkien Char looks quite authetic huh....
Food Paradise said…
I also went to the same outlet few months ago but have not blog yet. lol the foods you order seems very nice!
minchow said…
This place is definitely better than Coffee Island down the road. I didn't have good experience with the food here though. Hey those weird baby figurines are really creepy lah...
-j- said…
yup agree .. way better than coffee island. coffee is really good. try the one at gurney
Anonymous said…
I always pass by this outlet but yet to try it out. Thanks for sharing. Hehe. My weekend is always late lunch one, so good choice for me huh. :)
Hi Little Inbox, I normally go down town, as up town nothing much.

Hi J2Kfm, landmark!

Hi Simple Girl, very delicious in fact.

Hi Food Paradise, wah... waiting for you to share la!

Hi 550ml jar of faith, is Coffee Island that bad ah?? I've not try wor.

Hi Duckie, Coffee Island that bad ah?? But I still see lots of people there wor.

Hi Allie, guess it's normal hor?
Anonymous said…
Definitely a good location for a lunch :)
foodbin said…
looks well egg gravied.
Hi CK, also a nice place for free Wi-Fi too. :)

Hi Foodbin, oh yes!
Steven Goh said…
the last time I visited Mr. Pot was last year. I remember I was there on the 2nd day of opening. The food there was ok but not the price as it is slide higher than average.
worldwindows said…
Practical place esp when tmnet breaks down which is often. If they can get the Hokkien mee and Wat Tan Hor right they have got it right!
Lingzie said…
i've never been to mr.pot! dunno why! i guess i just thought it was more of a 'hang out for drinks' kind of place. :)
will try it soon.
was disappointed with coffee island.
erinalaw said…
Don't go to the Gurney one, the service is WORST!!!!!
Hi Steven, price expected to be 20% higher than the normal one, think about it, people gotta pay rental mah, right?

Hi Worldwindows, oh yes!! No doubt about it!!

Hi Lingzie, I was having the same perception as you. Well, that particular afternoon was really a spontaneous try out. Have not try Coffee Island, since many had given bad comment, guess, I'll pass that.

Hi Erina, really ah???
cariso said…
The food served here is surprisingly OK although the price is slightly higher. It serves 24 hours woh and strategically located somemore! Never mind lah hor?! :)
Anonymous said…
The seafood spaggetti is very delicious and is only RM10++. My all-time favourite.